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Full Name: Ben Dawson
Series Name: Brystol Foundation Series
Nationality: American
Organization: Brystol Foundation
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Duncan
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Ben Dawson is an agent with the Brystol Foundation.

That organization is a research facility employing some very impressive brainpower. It was formed by Dr. Kenneth Brystol, "a world-class physicist and educator" that Dawson has known for a couple decades. It is said of the man that "he had lightness in his step and brightness in his eyes that conveyed energy and enthusiasm, and his attitude was infectious. He reminded Dawson of the professor played by Christopher Lloyd in the movie Back to the Future".

"Ben Dawson, a former operative with the National Security Agency, had left the NSA a few years earlier and gone to work at the Brystol Foundation. NSA was one of the largest customers of Brystol Foundation research and the resulting technologies. In addition, Dawson's former boss at NSA, Charles Jennings, was a classmate, long-time friend, and distant cousin of Kenneth Brystol. When Dawson became disillusioned with the constraints levied on him by the NSA, Jennings was very happy to broker the current arrangement. It essentially kept Dawson on the NSA payroll and gave Jennings and the Agency plausible deniability of his actions since Dawson was technically contracted through the Foundation. It enabled Dawson's work to be just another financial line item under 'research' in terms of NSA's funding."

When asked what he does at the Foundation, he replies, "At a general level, I am Dr. Brystol's 'gofer'. I go for this and go for that whenever he asks me to. I am also the Foundation's liaison into a few specific US government agencies."

Dawson describes himself as an average guy having an average height on an average build. I'm an intelligence guy, not a security detail type. Blending into a crowd is a good thing in my line of work." He also commented once that "I'm no Rambo, but I'm often called to work on difficult problems that involve many dimensions for Dr. Brystol, and sometimes they become what the British would call 'sticky wickets'. And when they do, I have a myriad of colleagues who live for that sort of thing while I try to stick to the intelligence side of the business." As he thinks to himself when he says it, "occasionally that even works".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Salacia Project The Salacia Project
Written by Bill Duncan
Copyright: 2013

The Salacia technology is an innovative way to help ships "move water out of the way", practically doubling their speed. It is being developed by the Brystol Foundation. The U.S. Navy is anxious for it. The Chinese government will do anything to get it. It is Ben Dawson's job to stop them from doing so.
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2 The Angelia Project The Angelia Project
Written by Bill Duncan
Copyright: 2014

Mossad has a powerful cyber warfare weapon. Someone stole it and is now putting it in numerous strategic positions in preparation for a devastating attack. Ben Dawson is asked to lead the team to get it back and stop the culprits but that will mean having to work with the assassin who killed his good friend and almost killed Dawson.
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3 The Icarus Project The Icarus Project
Written by Bill Duncan
Copyright: 2015

The Russians have come up with technology that could put them years ahead of the rest of the world in military ability. One of their top generals wants to sell it on the black market. Ben Dawson is ordered to put together a team to get him and it out of harm's way but there are several governments out for it and someone in the U.S. intelligence community that wants them to fail.
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Ben Dawson accurately describes himself as an average guy who is not a field agent. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for us readers, he gets thrown into some pretty hairy situations for a non-agent. Makes me wonder if his boss is paying him enough. I would definitely be asking for a raise.

Good writing and good plotting. That is what you will find in these adventures. Things take place in the near future and they are realistic enough to be possible so I gotta hope he is just writing fiction and not predicting things to come.


My Grade: B+


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