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Full Name: Colin O'Brien
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Normal Guy

Creator: Brian K. Carr
Time Span: 2012 - 2014


     Colin O'Brien is a normal guy.

I say this because that is what he says he is, or at least what he was at the time the trouble started. He says he was "a normal guy having a normal day at a normal Starbucks, enjoying a normal cup of coffee". That's when a woman in her late 30s or so approaches him and asks for a meeting. When he declines, she asks how much he would charge for one and, humoring her, he quoted $10k. She handed it to him. That got his attention. So he goes to the meeting and finds he has been mistaken for a highly dangerous and successful assassin and he is offered $1m to kill someone. Again using his own words, "Being offered $1,000,000 to kill a man can really skew your prerogatives in life".

Things get interesting from that point.

     When I pointed out that O'Brien was a normal guy, I was not exaggerating. He is delightfully pretty ordinary in that he has a pretty normal life, complete with a wife named Kathy that he loves a great deal and whom he respects just as much. He is smart enough to know his place in the hierarchy of the marriage when he admits, "as bit and tough as I like to think I am, she is really the boss ... and I, quite frankly, am a moron".

     To prove that last part of the observation, O'Brien decides, when he gets a follow-up call to that "job offer", heads to the requested meeting without thinking to tell Kathy. Well, he thought about it and then decided to leave her a nice cooked meal and a bottle of wine as an apology.

     He really should have told her. And not taken the money in the first place. But then we would not have had the fun that followed!


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2014

1 Hired To Kill Hired To Kill
Written by Brian K. Carr
Copyright: 2012

When Colin O'Brien is mistaken for a famous assassin and offered a job killing a person, he would normally have walked away quickly. Except the fee was $1 million and, as he puts it, that kind of money messes with your head. He agrees and soon he has all sorts of people out to kill him first.
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2 Retribution Retribution
Written by Brian K. Carr
Copyright: 2014

Thinking he was done with pretending to be the assassin Angus, Colin O'Brien takes his wife to Vegas for a vacation. On entering the hotel, he spots what he is certain are suicide bombers also going in and he knows it will be up to him to stop them. Doing so, though will throw him back into bad with government agents and terrorists and some people who want revenge on Angus, even if he is not the right one.
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     When I started reading this extremely enjoyable and super-easy to follow tale, I knew already that the two books in the series were all I was likely to get, having had so much time since these were written. Still, just a little way through the first one, I knew that I was likely to want more when I was done and I was right.

     The author may have been right as well to stop when he did. To try to come up with another circumstance that would throw O'Brien, and, of course, Kathy, into the middle of a muddle, well, I am sure he could have done it.

     I really recommend this amusing and exciting series.


My Grade: A-


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