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Full Name: Graham Wenby
Nationality: British
Organization: Interpol
Occupation Agent

Creator: Peter Kirby
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Graham Wenby is an agent with Interpol.

He operates "in the shadowy world of a little unknown section of Interpol working across borders and more akin to MI5 than the police." We also learn that he "worked ... on special cases, always undercover, and usually working on his own. He wasn't a conventional policeman, and didn't always do everything by the book. Normally he was in danger, looking for terrorists or highly sought after illegal immigrants, or underworld masterminds". We are told that "He wasn't the normal Interpol employee. They worked with national police forces, but he worked without borders. There was either too much corruption or too much red tape in many of the places he was required to operate in. Inevitably he was therefore required to work undercover and to survive it was important that his story was a good one and that .every detail was plausible".

He tells a young woman that he is 32 years old and since there would have been no reason to lie, we will assume it to be true. He is described as "good looking and well-built he attracts women, and women attract him sometimes to the detriment of his final goal. Orphaned at birth he has no family and no wife to consider or cloud his conscience, which means he sometimes steps over the limits".

When not on the job, Wenby apparently likes to dress nicely. In the second adventure he has to shed what seems to be his normal apparel and that consisted of an "expensive tailored suit jacket" with a silk shirt, hand-made shoes, silk socks, and Calvin Klein underwear. Toss in a Gucci watch and you have an ensemble which shows a person who likes finer things and will spend what is necessary to get them.

Joining Wenby on both of the two recorded adventures is Sergeant Kelly Braniea, a gorgeous woman who is also extremely capable of working undercover as well as being quite able to take care of herself.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 One Too Many One Too Many
Written by Peter Kirby
Copyright: 2016

Graham Wenby's normal area of expertise at Interpol is drug smuggling by crime syndicates, not tracking down missing young women. This last is what he gets involved in, though, as a trip to a ski resort turns into a wild chase with lots of lives on the line.
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2 A Manual Approach A Manual Approach
Written by Peter Kirby
Copyright: 2016

Graham Wenby has gotten very curious as to what is happening on a large estate just purchased by a Russian billionaire. With the construction going on there, Wenby is certain something bad is about to happen so he wants to investigate. Learning more will involved going undercover as a builder.


The two adventures we have of Wenby are fast, easy-to-read and easy-to-follow adventures which fall squarely in the private detective genre, sliding into the cloak and dagger world because of who is doing what. They are solid reads with a character who clearly enjoys working undercover with no real home base. While he has regrets leaving for the next assignment, it was only because he was saying goodbye to a beautiful woman. Wenby has no other attachments that I saw, just the woman.

We likely will only have these two missions but two is certainly better than none. I liked them.


My Grade: B+


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