Full Name: Danny Quigley
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: E. J. McDevitt
Time Span: 2012 - 2013


       Danny Quigley is an agent with MI-5.
       Not really. Well, sometimes. Other times he is on his own doing what he sees as needed and what he does best which is bring mayhem and agony to those he feels deserve it. When he is not actually working under the aegis of a British Intelligence organization or, as he was for many years some time back, the Special Air Squadron, he still finds plenty of trouble to take care on his own or at the behest of an old friend or two.
       When we first meet him, he is a civilian working in the financial services. He had really wanted to stay in the SAS but with a wife and a daughter to support, he listen to his mate, got out, and found a job that paid a whole lot better. It came nowhere near enough to satisfy the action-lover in him but families cost money and no matter what kind of hazard-duty pay one gets, it never is enough.
       Quigley is of Irish descent but he was raised from the age of 8 in Wales. He had joined the military as soon as he was old enough and it had become his chosen career, remaining so long after his marriage and the birth of his girl. When he got out, as mentioned above, he found it difficult to find work that fit him or that he fit. He realized early on in the interview process that most of his SAS counter-terrorism training did not transfer well to the private sector. He did, on one meeting, translate his taking out a terrorist as a sniper from nearly a mile off as having been "given the task of terminating someone's employment, because they had been contravening safety regulations".


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013


       The entertainment world is replete with stories of PTSD-haunted ex-SpecOps people having trouble fitting into the civilian world. This is NOT that. Quigley is not suffering from his experiences nor is he a danger to those around him. He is a good guy who was very good at what he was trained to do but now, to please his wife and be close to his daughter, he chooses to leave the career he loved behind.
       But fitting in is rough and he does miss it and sometimes those who need him but do not care a whit about his homelife come calling. What should he do? Having never been in that situation, I couldn't say but it is fun to watch him. Probably not fun to be him but to watch is good.
       This series is so full of action it is hard to catch your breath. It is also filled with lots of data about fighting, most of which mean nothing to me but I can nod and go, "Cool", and feel like I get it.
       Good solid writing and plotting.


My Grade: -


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