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Full Name: Levon Cade
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chuck Dixon
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Levon Cade is a former Marine.

That really does not tell anyone much and that is because what there might be to tell is classified and Cade would almost certainly not talk about it even if it was not. So, despite the fact that his official record back in Washington is fairly thick with all he has done over his adult life, most of it is highly redacted. Reading it would only let a person know he has done one impressive amount of things covertly on behalf of his country and not let the reader know anything of what that was.

When we first meet him, this son of the hill country of northern Alabama is back home working as a carpenter. This is not what he would have wanted to be doing but his wife passed away not too long before from cancer and he has a daughter nearing her teens to take care of. At least he would if his father-in-law, a very successful surgeon and powerful civic leader, had not blamed him for that woman's passing and was not fighting with everything he had to keep the young girl away from her father. It takes every cent Cade has to fight for the visitation he has. Which is why all the first adventures we read about came to be - money, or more specifically the need of it to fight for his daughter.

Cade can be a very, very violent man. The key word there is 'can' because Cade does not go looking for trouble. He also does not step aside when it approaches. He will not back down because he has learned that just give the trouble fuel. So when problems pop up and he does not move away, things tend to go badly for the trouble. Of course, being human, Cade takes more than his share of damage but as is shown over and over, he gives a lot more than he takes.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 Levon's Trade Levon's Trade
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2014

Needing money to pay the lawyer's bill in the fight against his father-in-law for custody of his daughter, Levon Cade agrees reluctantly to go looking for a missing college student, daughter of his boss. He finds himself in the middle of a very nasty criminal operation run by people who kill first and don't bother asking later. They resent Cade's inquiries. He doesn't care.
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2 Levon's Night Levon's Night
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2015

A billionaire crook disappeared with a huge fortune of other people's money. A highly trained and skilled team is scouring the world for his enormous cache. One of the places they look is a mansion in the forests of Maine. Unfortunately, the couple who caretake the place have a daughter who has a sleepover guest that night and she is the daughter of Levon Cade, hiding out from gangsters still looking for them. Protecting his daughter means Cade must do what he does best but that just brings more people after him. Especially when he finds the cache first.
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3 Levon's Run Levon's Run
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2016

Now with the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, and a whole lot more after him for the info on billions stolen by a now dead financier, Levon Cade feels the best place to head is back to his roots but that will land him in the middle of human traffickers and their latest schemes.
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4 Levon's Kin Levon's Kin
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2017

Levon Cade is hoping to be stay hidden in the hollers back home but his half-brother asks for a little help and that drops Cade and his daughter into the middle of a Mexican cartel's meth operations in the state and while Cade is very good at survival, there are a whole lot of them after him.
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5 Levon's War Levon's War
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2018

Levon Cade should have stayed home but when he hears in the news of some pretty bad trouble an old friend from his Iraq War days is having in the caliphate of ISIS, he knows he has to pay a debt of honor even if it means leaving his daughter behind. Things get very dicey in the Middle East for Cade and they get very dicey back home for his kin.
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6 Levon's Time Levon's Time
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2019

Just wanting to get home, Levon Cade gets arrested in Turkey and sent into a prison hellhole where survival is not something anyone measures because it is so unlikely. Back home, his daughter tries to help a young girl, victim of human trafficking, and that very much riles the Mexican cartel behind it.
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7 Levon's Home Levon's Home
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2020

Back in Alabama where he knows he belongs, Levon Cade learns that one of his young cousins has gone missing, possibly abducted. Investigating in his own way, Cade learns of a rash of young boys disappearing all over the country. He also learns of a major effort to keep the man behind it all safe.
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8 Levon's Hunt Levon's Hunt
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2021

Despite his best efforts, the young cousin Levon Cade had been searching for did not survive the horrors of his capture. Now Cade, who wants to go home to protect his family, is determined more than ever to destroy the child trafficking ring that claimed his cousin.
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9 Levon's Prey Levon's Prey
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2022

"Levon Cade stirred up a hornet’s nest when he uncovered a child trafficking ring—earning the attention of a congressman and a major player in the conspiracy who’s made it his mission to find Levon at all costs.
At the same time, Levon’s Uncle Fern, a former moonshiner, is starting up a legitimate distillery business, bringing him into conflict with a moonshining clan and past rival of the Cades.
Both proving mounting distractions, Levon is caught by surprise when a private investigator—whose sole purpose is to end the threat that Levon embodies—finds him and vows to gun him and his family down."
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10 Levon's Range Levon's Range
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2022

"?Levon Cade and his daughters are on the run and living under assumed names in a remote corner of Idaho where Levon has taken on the role of gentlemen rancher. But when someone rustles his girls' favorite horses, Levon puts aside his gentlemanly ways in exchange for hunting them down.
Too bad Lew Dollinger, a man Levon unwisely allowed to live, is-at the same time-tasked with locating the runaway Cades by an international crime cartel. "
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11 Levon's Scourge Levon's Scourge
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2022

"They came for the Cades and now Levon is coming for them...A team of professional killers comes to the Cade Idaho ranch on a mission to kill Levon Cade and his entire family, setting Levon on a globe-spanning one-man mission to bring down the men who ordered the hit. The time for running and hiding is over.
Standing in his way is a vast criminal network and international law enforcement. In order to see his family safe, Levon travels from the depths of Mexico to the jungles of Vietnam on a hunt that will leave either him or his enemies standing."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Levon's Ride Levon's Ride
Written by Chuck Dixon
Copyright: 2015

Falling between Levon's Night and Levon's Run. "They could steal any car, anywhere, anytime... But they should never have stolen Levon’s Ride."
Levon Cade and his daughter are on the run but needing clothing and other supplies. They leave their SUV in the parking lot of a mall like millions do every day. This one get stolen. That is bad. This one has a million dollars and a lot of uncut diamonds inside it which Cade needs. That is very bad for the thief.


Once in a while I write about having procrastinated a long time before reading a series. That happened with the Cade stories and I cannot remember why I did not open up the pages (electronically) sooner than I did. I wonder about that because once I started reading the first book, I was hooked. The book ended satisfactorally and I instantly moved to the second. And then the third. And the fourth, fifth, and sixth. If there had been a seventh, I would have kept going.

I HAD to know what happened next. Each book ended well, just like the first, but naturally I knew there would be more coming and I HAD to know what it was. I still want to know what happens after book 6. Hopefully the author will let us know with another book. Soon. Hint!

The writing is so incredibly smooth and easy. The characters are all realistic and understandable and believable, even the SOBs I want done away with. And Cade is so fun to follow. More than once I growl at him and tell him "don't do that!" when I know his actions are going to not have good results but it is so 'right' that he does them that I just hope for the best. That is why I love this series so much and why I give it such a high grade.


My Grade: A


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