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Full Name: Beck Casey
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Other - Professor

Creator: Earl Merkel
Time Span: 2002 - 2015


Beck Casey is a college professor.

He is also an employee, on apparently a contract basis, of the CIA. He is not a trained agent qualified to go undercover to extract secrets or remove people. He is an academician with a particular set of specialties that makes his knowledge quite useful to the Agency. That does not, however and unfortunately for him, mean that life and the powers that be do not through him into situations where some actual training would have been good to have. Luckily for Casey, he is a very smart individual.

By disciplines, Casey has a couple of PhD's to his name, entitling him to be called Doctor though he prefers things less formal. His degrees and expertise is in Sociology and History. As he jokes, "Having dual specialties seems to annoy both the sociology department and the history department at most universities - at least, it sure pisses off their tenure committees."

Casey came to the attention of the CIA while working on a Master's writing a thesis on the ramifications to world history of catastrophic plagues. While the book that he created never was published publicly, it was read by quite a few in the halls of government and opened the door to a career. It detailed in frighteningly accurate detail how governments would normally react to sudden and harsh conditions and how the people would then respond to those reactions, and vice versa.

When we meet him, he has officially left that occupation to become a sort of travelling professor, invited to teach a semester at one university and then move on to another. It was while preparing for the start of yet another session of lectures that Casey is brought into the fold when another crisis arises that falls within his area of expertise.

Casey is described as being tall and dark haired and, according to a friend of his, "either a well-preserved forty or a dissipated-looking thirty-five".

Good Line:
- Said by a Marine fighting in Afghanistan about how his recruiter had promised he would travel the world and meet all kinds of new people, "Didn't tell me I'd get to shoot so many of 'em, though."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2015

1 Final Epidemic Final Epidemic
Written by Earl Merkel
Copyright: 2002

Beck Casey was the perfect candidate for this mission. A Japanese doomsday cult committed mass suicide but not before releasing an horrific virus in the city of Miami. One of the people in danger in that now quarantined city is his own daugther.
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2 Fire of the Prophet Fire of the Prophet
Written by Earl Merkel
Copyright: 2007

His hopes of leaving the CIA work behind again postponed, Beck Casey is asked to help in the search for nuclear weapons at bay in America. Also looking for a terrorist with blue eyes is FBI agent Jeffrey Connor, a man in love with Casey's daughter, a lawyer in D.C.
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3 Fallout Fallout
Written by Earl Merkel
Copyright: 2015

A nuclear attack on Washington, D.C. has leveled the city. Then the President is killed. Then computer systems are hit by viruses and the power grids around the country are affected. Rumors of even worse to come gets Beck Casey to join an international task force to take on an invisible army.
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I gladly announce that I am impressed with the plotting and the writing of these three adventures. They flow wonderfully and take the main character and the reader along with it. Best so far for me is the fact that Beck Casey is important to the storyline but does not control it. It is not a case of "look at me! I am saving the day" so much as "holy crap! I had better do something ... and hope to stay alive doing it.".

I do have to warn the reader, though, that some very scary things happen in these books and the author makes it so real and so possible that sleeping afterwards can be problematic.

Luckily while he is doing that, he is also telling a few really interesting and fast-reading stories. Beck Casey is the kind of guy you would love to sit with having barbeque and talking. I'd be the one listening because he is a fascinating man with a easy, dissembling manner.


My Grade: B+


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