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Full Name: Jack Stevens
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Beckman
Time Span: 2012 - 2016


Jack Stevens is an agent with the CIA.

Not when we first meet him, though. At that time he is a charter boat captain trying very hard to not be involved in anything other than his daily excursions and just getting along. Soon, though, he will meet the lovely Amy Larkin and his life, and his career, will never be the same again. But at the first introduction we have, he is quite contentedly living aboard (don't tell anyone because he is really not supposed to be) his vessel, a 40' Morgan, and enjoying his life. If you ignore having to shepherd vacationing teachers who want something different in the tropics but mostly drink a bit too much and get a bit too nauseous on the deck.

Before this existence he had been working and living in the Big City at a finance job that he really did not like making a whole lot of money that he did like. He was married to Camille who he really like a lot until he didn't anymore and when she left she took most of everything he had even though she already out-earned him. Living then in a tiny place he really hated. The only thing he still had was his sailboat and some money he just got in a way the SEC would not approve of so he unfurled the canvas and headed south.

So it was that when our knowledge of him starts he is happy again, and single again, in a marina outside of Miami which is operated by his brother, Nat, a fellow fishing boat captain.

And that is when the beautiful Amy walked down the beach and into his life. Now it is important to note that to someone like Stevens, if a gorgeous woman like Amy stops by to chit-chat, you make friendly. When she comes back later and hands you an envelope with money in it to be available to help her should the situation arises, you sit up and pay attention because you know something interesting is bound to happen.

Which it does.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2016

1 Tropical Knights Tropical Knights
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2012

Life as a charter boat captain out of Miami is the simple life that Jack Stevens wants after his unhappy ending in New York. He definitely did not want the trouble certain to come with the plan of the lovely Amy who walked up to his boat with an idea. But before he knew it, he was up to his neck in trouble with the Cuban mob, the CIA, untrustworthy politicians, and a plan by a dying Castro to get back at America. Oh, and there was the matter of his brother getting kidnapped.
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2 Tropical Daze Tropical Daze
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2013

After Jack Stevens and the lovely Amy Larkin had finished a mission into Cuba for the CIA, Amy disappears. As he tries to find her, with no help from the Agency, he takes a charter by two young men which does not go as planned and Stevens finds himself in a Central American jail and the only way out is to do a little something for a drug lord.
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3 Tropical Rage Tropical Rage
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2014

His life was just getting in a nice rhythm when Jack Stevens sees a young girl killed. Next thing he knows he is the prime suspect on her murder and maybe the other girls who have gone missing from the islands. That is when he and his love, Amy, find out that some in the CIA are working with foreign governments to traffick in girls for the sex trade. Now the pair have two objectives - keep Jack out of prison and rescue the girls. Oh, and now get dead.
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4 Tropical Fury Tropical Fury
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2016

The television crew that hired Jack Stevens and his lady Amy wanted to sail into a hurrican for their reality show. That was crazy, they know. Crazy too are the CIA moves that toss the two into more and more trouble and brings up from the tropics up to D.C. in search of a terrorist's dirty nuke.
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If'n you be lookin' for a series to have your face set in a grin most of the time and a snarl some of the time, this one be for you. Now, the grin isn't because you are laughing but because you are enjoying yourself, as Jack Stevens likes to do. And the snarl isn't because of the writing but because someone has decided to cause trouble for Stevens and therefore for you and that ain't right.

Which is a silly way of saying this is an enjoyable series that throws a lot of action at you while also not trying to be anything but what it is - enjoyment. And there is a lot of that.


My Grade: B+


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