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Full Name: Frank Bowen
Nationality: American
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jay Tinsiano
Time Span: 2014 - 2019


Frank Bowen is an agent with MI-6.

Not when we first meet him, though. Then he is a man in need of a break, ready to end his long relationship with his girl friend whom he did not like much anymore nor she him. He receives a small inheritance from his grandfather and then witnesses a traumatic event and decides a change was definitely in order. He says goodbye to the lady and lets his buddy, Carl, know, and off he headed to far sunnier and warmer climes than London.

That will eventually land him in the thick of a mess he had had no way of knowing he would find himself, meeting a lovely lady in a foreign land, getting chased by people who want him killed for reasons he might not have believed possible, and then ending up back home with a new family and a new job. That job would be with Carl who, Bowen had known for years, was with MI-6.

Bowen is in his late 20's when we meet him and a man who has to work hard to try to stay in some decent sort of shape. He is usually neither happy nor sad but largely just seems to go along which may be why he gets into the troubles he does.

This series of adventures is named the Frank Bowen Conspiracy Thrillers for a reason. Bowen is a straight-forward sort of fellow, not especially ambitious (okay, to be honest, not hardly at all), who does not see conspiracies in every action around him. They just sort of see him coming, though, and pull him in. Bowen is sharp enough to see them coming but not limber enough to get out of the way. Luckily, he is good enough, or luckily enough, to survive their advances.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2019

1 False Flag False Flag
Written by Jay Tinsiano
Copyright: 2014

"1991: A plan to destabilise Hong Kong is emerging; the key players are being put into place, the wheels are in motion and innocent people will die. Frank Bowen is a Londoner on holiday in tropical Thailand. Half drunk and strapped for cash, he’s the perfect bait for a political plot that will leave him running for his life, with nowhere to turn."
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2 Pandora Red Pandora Red
Written by Jay Tinsiano
Copyright: 2015

"Frank Bowen's mission is to find a GCHQ whistleblower but in doing so unwittingly risks everything, including his own family's safety. As part of a covert team, assigned to dangerous missions, Bowen believes he knows what he's up against, until a team of Russian mercenaries are thrown into the mix, leaving everyone and everything hanging in the balance. It's a race against the clock to save all that he holds dear and uncover the dark truths behind his mission"
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3 Ghost Order Ghost Order
Written by Jay Tinsiano
Copyright: 2019

"Frank Bowen attempts to piece together a fractured life at home but finds himself pulled back into the dark state once again. Only, this time, he’s playing both sides. Hired by John Rhodes, founding father of the Liberatus movement, his mission is to escort a valuable asset to South America. Then the spectre of Carl Paterson emerges and Frank finds he has to work once again with his old agency, Ghost 13. Later, in the depths of the Colombian Darien Gap jungle – swarming with narcos, paramilitary groups and bandits – Frank finds death and evil wait around every corner in the most inhospitable place on earth."
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If you like conspiracy theories, and they usually make me roll my eyes in annoyed disbelief IF they do not scare the bejebus out of me, you will go for these books filled with the idea that very secretive and nasty people are out to do very nasty and unpleasant things to us common folk. I do not believe they exist. Rather, I really hope they do not. Reading these well written and excellently crafted stories, I really, really hope they do not.

One of the problems, and I do not really mean that word here, is that the author makes them sound so possible. I would ask him to stop it but then there would not be any more books. What a dilemma.


My Grade: B+


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