Full Name: Talia Reynolds
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jordan McCollum
Time Span: 2013 - 2017


       Talia Reynolds is an agent with the CIA.
       Some would say that her duty station for all the adventures we have of her is a cushy one, namely Ottawa, Canada, because the idea of spies having work to do in that city does sound a bit hard to imagine. Even she will readily admit that since early on she comments, "I realize being a CIA operations officer in Ottawa, of all places, is the bottom rung of the ladder in terms of detecting threats and being in danger". She also laments that "I might not be the best CIA operative in the word - okay, obviously not if I'm stuck here in Ottawa".
       Reynolds states that she is "technically in counterintelligence" and that she sometimes works hand-in-hand with Canada's CSIS and when not keeping an eye on her own embassy's security, she and her partner, Elliott, spend a good deal of time tracking agents from Russia (for the most part).
       One odd thing about Reynolds' posting to the Canadian capital is the fact that she is skilled in languages including Urdu, Russian, and Finnish, with passable French to go with them. The Russian of course helps out when handling the work already mentioned but the Urdu is interesting. Not sure how many Pakistani operations are brewing in the northern regions.
       In an early short adventure we are shown how Reynolds gets teamed up with Elliott and learn how their initial connection was one of competition and not so friendly behavior. They obviously get over that though because throughout the longer tales we watch them become the best of friends and stand up for each other, especially when Elliott meets his Shanna and Reynolds meets Danny.
       Danny will prove to be a major part of Reynolds' life because while she wants very much to be a part of his, hers is one of constant secrecy. Hard to build on that but she tries.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

Originally this series was released as a trilogy starting with what I label as book #2, I, Spy. A year after the three books were released, a prequel, Spy By Night, was published. I have reordered things accordingly but wanted you to know.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017


       These adventures are a very enjoyable, very easy to read group of books about a gifted agent, albeit more than capable of making the odd mistake or two, working in an unlikely locale while falling in love and trying to keep her two worlds separate. They are most definitely rom-com meets spy-fi but the author does an excellent job in making the spy part of things the most important. By that I mean that while the romance part is always going on, it does so in the midst of the spying.
       I enjoyed the fact that we get a couple of short tales showing up how Reynolds and her partner Elliott meet. I also liked the prequel that came after the three adventures which to me are sort of a trilogy dealing with Reynolds and her beau, Danny.


My Grade: B


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