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Full Name: Sean Quinlan
Nationality: British
Organization: The Section
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dominic Conlon
Time Span: 2011 - 2017


Sean Quinlan is an agent with the Section.

The Section is a member of the British Intelligence community, rated as a sister to MI-6 (Secret Intelligence Service) but having a much greater desire for anonymity. For that reason, its headquarters in London is a few miles away and in a rather nondescript building giving nothing away to indicate anything other than boring office work was going on inside.

When we first meed Quinlan, he is described by his boss, reading from a dossier on him, as being "second generation Irish... in his late thirties, maybe a ltitle on the older side for an agent. He went to Exeter University and applied for a bursary from the Royal Marines during his second year.  After graduating he entered the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone in Devon.  Graduated second in his class. ... [He] rose rapidly in the ranks, showing a natural flare for resolving difficult problems.  When he completed training at the tail end of the Bosnian conflict he began co-piloting medi-vac helicopters.  He was promoted to Captain after Kosovo and then sent to Northern Ireland for two years followed by a short spell in East Timor."

The info went on to talk of how Quinlan had then flown several missions around the world working at one time or another with both the SBS and the SAS and showing how valuable he was to both. He was invited to be seconded with the SAS which he did for a short time before being noticed by the Section. Since he joined he has put in several very challenging and very productive years but has suffered for each one of them.

In the series we will follow him as he changes quite a bit in some ways and remains the results-oriented, let-me-do-it-my-way kind of operative we meet at the beginning.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 Silent Warpath Silent Warpath
Written by Dominic Conlon
Copyright: 2011

Project Cetus is a brand-new unmanned submarine able to take the war to the enemy with no risk to the senders. It was an American project with help from the British. Sean Quinlan is brought in when one of the scientists is killed. He arrives in time to learn that this autonomous weapon is on its own mission.
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2 Arctic Firepath Arctic Firepath
Written by Dominic Conlon
Copyright: 2014

The text message from a man who died two days before read cryptically "sorry i cheated. always loved u. am dying." Sean Quinlan was certain it was not meant for him but he was determined to learn the truth which would take him in Russia in search for one of their top scientists who would prefer to not be found. Another question was why the Russians seemed hot to get him and what is happening in the Arctic?
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3 Jingal Flightpath Jingal Flightpath
Written by Dominic Conlon
Copyright: 2017

Sean Quinlan had had enough after the last mission and was on his own. He was not doing so well which might be why he even listened to the pitch to bring him back in. Something very important is being smuggled into Britain from China and a lot of people are fighting to either make sure it gets there or that it does not.
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I enjoyed reading about Sean Quinlan. I quickly decided that I was glad I was not him because bad things happen to him. But I was pleased to be able to read about those exciting and thrilling and dangerous things from the safety of my armchair and I would not have minded a couple more.

Solid character. Solid action. A solid series that gives what you expect and want. Which fits with the kind of man Quinlan is - a man of action who would die a slow painful death if he did not have the danger of the next mission to look forward to.


My Grade: B


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