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Full Name: Yael Azoulay
Nationality: ?
Organization: United Nations
Occupation Other - Negotiator

Creator: Adam LeBor
Time Span: 2013 - 2016


       Yael Azoulay is a negotiator for the United Nations.
       That is what her record shows and what she would call herself if asked. It sounds reasonable and normal and something almost tame and boring. It is also not even close to what she actually does.
       True, she works for the United Nations and she does deal in negotiations but she is the one who gets called in when other ways done by "normal" representatives from the U.N. fall through. When that world body is pretty much told to take their offers and put them in unpleasant places, that is when the Secretary-General decides it is necessary to ask Azoulay to step in.
       That's usually when things go pear-shaped for the bad guys.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Geneva Option The Geneva Option
Written by Adam LeBor
Copyright: 2013

"Yael Azoulay does the United Nations’ dirty work. Sent by the UN’s Secretary General to eastern Congo to negotiate with Jean-Pierre Hakizimani, a Hutu warlord wanted for genocide, she offers a deal: surrender to the UN tribunal, in exchange for a short sentence and a return to politics. The plan is to bring stability to the region so the West can exploit the region’s mineral wealth. But Yael soon realizes that the UN is prepared to turn a blind eye to mass murder. Yael finds herself on the run, hunted by the world’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies—and haunted by her past—ultimately learning that salvation means not just saving other’s lives but confronting her own inner demons."
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2 The Washington Strategem The Washington Strategem
Written by Adam LeBor
Copyright: 2014

"UN covert negotiator Yael Azoulay is drawn into a web of betrayal and intrigue that leads from deep within America's military-industrial complex to the Middle East and beyond. Yael Azoulay went rogue in Geneva and nearly lost her life; although her physical wounds are healed, she will never be able to forget what happened. Now back in New York, when the secretary-general asks her to meet with the CEO of the Prometheus Group, a lobbying and asset management firm with extensive links to the Pentagon and dubious business interests in the volatile Middle East, she cannot refuse his request. Working under Prometheus's radar, Yael uncovers a chilling conspiracy with ties to Iran . . . and to a shocking source from her past. The end game is nothing less than a devastating—and very lucrative—new war in the Middle East. But the closer she comes to the truth, the more Yael begins to expose herself, revealing a life riddled with secrets. As she confronts the ghosts of her past, the few certainties of her life begin to crumble around her, laying bare a terrifying truth: that she has enormously powerful enemies who neither forgive, nor forget."
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3 The Reykjavik Assignment The Reykjavik Assignment
Written by Adam LeBor
Copyright: 2016

"Yael Azoulay, covert negotiator for the UN Secretary General, has made a powerful enemy in Clarence Clairborne, head of Washington, D.C. lobbying and security firm the Prometheus Group. He’s fixated on revenge—and Yael knows it. She’s definitely being followed, but Clairborne’s operatives are not the only ones tracking her every move. Unexpected visitors from her past have arrived, determined to make her confront the secrets she’s been hiding. Driven by exceptional plotting and electrifying prose, The Reykjavik Assignment follows Yael as she fights the pull of her old life while brokering the triumph of her career: A summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, between the United States and Iran. But when events in Reykjavik take a terrifying turn, the only thing that Yael cares about is preventing a desperate man from taking desperate measures to avenge his own past."
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Not done with this one but having a lot of fun so far.


My Grade: -


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