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Full Name: Bridget Donavan
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Haase
Time Span: 2013 - 2018


Bridget Donavan is an agent with the DIA.

When we meet her in the first recorded adventure we have of hers, and indications are obvious that she has had a few before we come into contact, she holds the rank of Staff Sergeant in the army. She also holds a reputation for being someone you did not mess with unless you wanted hurt.

She is described as "a beautiful young woman with piercing golden brown eyes and flaming red hair, about five feet eight, with a slim build and ample endowments ... [who knew] how to use her lean, well-toned body to maximum advantage in ... combat." And combat is something this woman knows a lot about having seen a good share of it in the Middle East. She had joined the army because "she needed to learn how to be strong and how to defend herself. The army provided both goals, and after 9/11, she also adopted a new mission. She wanted to heap retribution on the ones who inflicted the devastation on America."

The first couple of missions we follow her on, she worked first in the DIA with Captain Matt Higgins being his second-in-command and fighting alongside him. Theirs was a deep friendship, especially since each had saved the other backside more than once. Times will change their employment but not their teamwork as they become assigned to work, apparently, for the President. Even that will not last long, however, and Donavan's life will change again drastically.

The next few adventures of Donavan will be after she has left the military and finished the degree she had wanted for some time in Greek and archaeology and was able to combine two passions into one as a researcher working in the field. Her ability to dig up, literally as well as figuratively, trouble will remain as strong as ever and she will find she must be as well to survive. Life will see her reconnect with her old friend and boss, Higgins, and again together they will face death.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Secret of the Oil Secret of the Oil
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2014

Terrorists in Iran have gotten hold of a nuclear bomb but they are not planning on setting it off in the U.S. but in their own country, all part of a crazed plan they think will bring America to its end. The DIA send Captain Matt Higgins and Sergeant Bridge Donavan to find and retrieve the bomb.
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2 Secret Device Secret Device
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

Onboard Air Force One is the President heading to Atlanta. Also on it is a nuclear bomb, set to go off if the plane deviates its flight plan. Matt Higgins and Bridget Donavan must find the bomber but there is almost no time.
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3 Secret of the Thorns Secret of the Thorns
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2013

Former operative and now archeologist Bridget Donavan is on the hunt for a long lost Gospel as well as part of the Koran which might reveal a new truth to what happened to the Crown of Thorns that Christ bore on the cross.

4 Secret of the Bibles Secret of the Bibles
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2014

It is thought that Emperor Constantine had commissioned several dozen bibles, one of which held a secret that could cause great trouble to the Church. Bridget Donavan hears a clue as to its location and she is off to find it. Unfortunately, she is not the only one and the other will happily kill to stop her.
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5 Secret of the Icon Secret of the Icon
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2015

An FBI sting to capture an illegal arms dealer goes bad and the perp disappears, taking with him a priceless Byzantine relic. The Director picks Matt Higgins to chase the man down and Higgins recruits his former partner, Bridget Donavan, to help.
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6 Secret Vengeance Secret Vengeance
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

The knife attack on Bridget Donavan in an alley nearly cost her her life and it may still. Matt Higgins' response is to go anywhere and do anything to bring the would-be assassin to justice, and that journey will take him up against a good number of enemies he and Donavan have made over the years.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Secret Of The Assassin Secret Of The Assassin
short story
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

Bridget Donavan and Matt Higgins had promised to keep secret of finding the Crown of Thorns in exchange for a nice price. Then the secret is revealed and they think the Vatican leaked it and the Vatican think they went back on the word and things get nastier from there.


I enjoyed the action in this series a lot. I enjoyed the characters even more. I did not enjoy the giant leaps the series made from story to story as I kept wondering if what I was reading was a prequel or something many years after the previous adventure. I settled on the latter.

To me it seemed like the author wanted to have two different sorts of adventure series running and chose to use the same character to headline each which did not make much sense to me. Bridget Donavan the agent with the DIA who would kick your butt if you got out of line was awesome. Bridget Donavan the archaeologist who would kick you butt... that did not make as much sense.


My Grade: B


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