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Full Name: Bridget Donavan
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Haase
Time Span: 2014 - 2018


       Bridget Donavan is an agent with the DIA.
       When we meet her in the first recorded adventure we have of hers, and indications are obvious that she has had a few before we come into contact, she holds the rank of Staff Sergeant in the army. She also holds a reputation for being someone you did not mess with unless you wanted hurt.
       She is described as "a beautiful young woman with piercing golden brown eyes and flaming red hair, about five feet eight, with a slim build and ample endowments ... [who knew] how to use her lean, well-toned body to maximum advantage in ... combat." And combat is something this woman knows a lot about having seen a good share of it in the Middle East. She had joined the army because "she needed to learn how to be strong and how to defend herself. The army provided both goals, and after 9/11, she also adopted a new mission. She wanted to heap retribution on the ones who inflicted the devastation on America."
       The first couple of missions we follow her on, she worked first in the DIA with Captain Matt Higgins being his second-in-command and fighting alongside him. Theirs was a deep friendship, especially since each had saved the other backside more than once. Times will change their employment but not their teamwork as they become assigned to work, apparently, for the President. Even that will not last long, however, and Donavan's life will change again drastically.
       The next few adventures of Donavan will be after she has left the military and finished the degree she had wanted for some time in Greek and archaeology and was able to combine two passions into one as a researcher working in the field. Her ability to dig up, literally as well as figuratively, trouble will remain as strong as ever and she will find she must be as well to survive. Life will see her reconnect with her old friend and boss, Higgins, and again together they will face death.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2018

1 Secret of the Oil Secret of the Oil
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2014

"In Iran, terrorists have gained access to a nuclear device. But they aren't going to set it off on US soil. They're planning to set it off on their own. America's primary vulnerability is one it doesn't control: its oil supply. Terrorists have designed an intricate global plan - from the labs of Moscow to the deserts of Saudi Arabia - to detonate a nuclear device and render prime oil fields unusable. The aftermath will cripple the United States' infrastructure. And the effects on the US will be more devastating than any direct attack. The DIA dispatches a covert team headed by Captain Matt Higgins and Sergeant Bridget Donavan to the Middle East to locate the device and end the plot. But the detonation date has already been set. The clock is ticking down. And there might not be enough time left for Matt and Bridget to neutralize the threat before the world's oil supply goes up in nuclear flame."
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2 Secret Device Secret Device
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

"A nuclear device is hidden on Air Force One.
And the President is on board. Twenty minutes before he's scheduled to land in Atlanta, the president receives an ominous call from his best black ops agents: there's a bomb hidden aboard Air Force One. And any deviation from the plane's flight plan will result in immediate detonation. On the ground, Matt Higgins and Bridget Donavan scramble to identify the bombers and save the president. But time is ticking down, and as they close in on the perpetrators, they find themselves embroiled in a complex plot with potentially explosive international consequences.
Consequences that could cost them both their lives."
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3 Secret of the Thorns Secret of the Thorns
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2013

"We know what happened to the robe of Christ.
We think we know what happened to his cross.
We thought the Crown of Thorns was lost to history.
We were wrong.
For 1,700 years, historians have believed that the Emperor Constantine's mother discovered Christ’s cross and crown in 323 A.D. The experts were wrong. An ancient manuscript discovered in Warsaw, Poland, reveals a secret Gospel and ancient Koran text lost in Spain centuries ago. And archeologist and former Army counterterrorist specialist Bridget Donavan is about to follow their trail to a shocking revelation that will shake the world to its very core."

4 Secret of the Bibles Secret of the Bibles
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2014

"In the 4th century A.D., the Emperor Constantine commissioned fifty bibles.
One safeguarded a dangerous secret that could destroy Christianity.
That bible was believed lost to history.
Until now.

Archaeologist turned adventurer Bridget Donavan receives a cryptic message alluding to a bible lost for 1,600 years - and the explosive secret contained within its pages. Her hunt for the truth takes her across the globe, from the Amazon jungles to the streets of Jerusalem to the deserts of Cairo.

But Bridget's not the only one intent on uncovering its secrets. And her archenemy is determined to kill her before she ever discovers the stunning truth..."
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5 Secret of the Icon Secret of the Icon
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2015

"High in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a covert FBI sting attempts to intercept a Russian warlord's arms deal. But the mission goes sideways, leaving one agent dead, another out of a job, and the arms dealer in the wind with a secret icon from the time of the Byzantine Empire. A secret that has grave implications for victims of Nazi oppression. "
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6 Secret Vengeance Secret Vengeance
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

"A daring assassination attempt leaves FBI Agent Matt Higgins's closest friend bleeding out in an alley. Seeking justice, he embarks on a global search to find the mastermind behind the attack. But Matt's decorated career has left him with many enemies and plenty of suspects—from the Grand Ayatollah to the steps of the Vatican. And bringing those responsible to justice will force Matt to choose between the country he's sacrificed everything for and his desire for vengeance."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Secret Assassin Secret Assassin
short story
Written by Tom Haase
Copyright: 2018

[plot unknown]


       I enjoyed the action in this series a lot. I enjoyed the characters even more. I did not enjoy the giant leaps the series made from story to story as I kept wondering if what I was reading was a prequel or something many years after the previous adventure. I settled on the latter.
       To me it seemed like the author wanted to have two different sorts of adventure series running and chose to use the same character to headline each which did not make much sense to me. Bridget Donavan the agent with the DIA who would kick your butt if you got out of line was awesome. Bridget Donavan the archaeologist who would kick you butt... that did not make as much sense.


My Grade: B


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