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Full Name: Ted Brooks
Nationality: American
Organization: Black Vault
Occupation Agent

Creator: Greg Marion
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Ted Brooks is the head of the spy agency Black Vault.

When we first meet Brooks he is just ending an eight-year employment as a very covert operative working directly for President Truman. The year is 1953, Eisenhower is being sworn in as the newest Chief Executive and with Truman's departure, Brooks' tenure as the Man's go-to guy for highly sensitive work has come to an end. His newest career is just starting, however, when a man he worked with on occasion during that period, William Fletcher, hands him control of Core Agents.

That is very small private intelligence organization doing work often for the U.S. government but having other eggs to fry at the same time. Fletcher was retiring and needed someone of Brooks' experience to assume control and Brooks, just being out of a job, accepted.

According to one of the few operatives working for Core Agents, that company was "the most top-secret espionage agency in existence. With the exception of a handful of contacts, no one knows about this organization". Right about then Brooks informed the crew that obviously someone knew of it because right after passing control to him, Fletcher had been assassinated by a sniper sent by a person or group called Vexa. He also told them he was changing the name of their organization to Black Vault.

So, from the moment he starts his new career, Brooks has a challenge. He is in charge of a group who know nothing about him and have no reason to trust him. He knows one of them has to be a mole for Vexa because someone had to give away the meeting place and identity of Fletcher. And he knows Vexa, whatever that is, is a very dangerous enemy to go up against.

Heck of a first day.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Ace Card Ace Card
Written by Greg Marion
Copyright: 2014

As 1953 begins, Ted Brooks assumes control of Black Vault, a highly secret spy organization, and is immediately thrown up against an adversary known as Vexa. The big question facing Brooks is whether he is ready or his team is ready for such a challenge.
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2 Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
Written by Greg Marion
Copyright: 2015

With the discovery of a woman bound and gagged in the trunk of a car, nearly dead, Ted Brooks starts to realize that there is far more to Black Vault than he had thought. That epiphany is enhanced when he learns of an associate spy division in Austria and comes face to face with the latest Soviet plot to destroy the West.
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I loved following Brooks. He relates the events going on around him with a wry somewhat flippant manner which I would love to have for my own but could never be cool enough to pull it off. He is a happily married man with kids and a reason to have a normal job that lets him stay home but I definitely gets the feeling that the excitement and danger he faces in his day job are a wee bit too thrilling for him to seriously consider giving up.

After these two book came out five years ago as of this writing, there have no further stories about anyone from this author. Cannot say if anything happened to him or he just quit writing. If he should give another one, though, I would certainly grab it.


My Grade: B+


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