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Full Name: Jake Noble
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: William Miller
Time Span: 2015 - 2023


Jake Noble is an agent with the CIA.

He has been for a good amount of time when we first meet him and in his mind the mission he is starting during that adventure was just another one, not knowing that an unfortunate twist of events would make it his last assignment for them. For a while at least. Then their need for someone with his skill set will bring them to him and family financial needs will get him to return. During that break in time, which will last four years, he will earn a living as an underwater photographer.

But Noble knows his true abilities lay in saving people. Finding them wherever the people doing the snatching have stashed them and getting them back. Simply put, his "job was to eliminate bad guys and rescue hostages". He was good at it and he enjoyed it. He tried hard to not be too bitter about his forced separation from his job. He was ready to come back when they asked, and they did ask.

Noble is described as "lean and hard with tan skin and shaggy hair, he looked ... like a surfer". He is likely in his early to mid 30's having been with the Agency for several years and a member of the Green Berets with several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before that. He was seasoned and experienced and darn good at his job.

After his career with the Agency went sourly away and Noble's lack of employment meant lack of income, he had to move out of his apartment and that resulted in his moving into the forty-foot wooden schooner christened the Yeoman, which he had inherited from his father. Now it is home. The family financial need mentioned above is his ailing mother residing in an assisted living facility that is good for her but bad on his pocketbook. Which is why when work becomes available, never mind the danger, he listens to the offer.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2023

1 Noble Man Noble Man
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2015

Jake Noble was looking for a way to pay for his mother's cancer treatment when his former employer, the CIA, offered $150k for a job. Find a missing girl in Manila. He accepts and finds himself digging into the lucrative but filthy sex trade industry there and will need every ounce of his skill to survive.
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2 Noble Vengeance Noble Vengeance
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2017

When his old friend and former teammate disappears on assignment in Mexico, Jake Noble knows he has to look into it. That decision will pit him against a drug cartel willing to kill anything at any time, not to mention some CIA agents, sent by someone in D.C. who does not want a secret uncovered.
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3 Noble Intent Noble Intent
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2018

All evidence points to Jake Noble's friend, Sam Gunn, as the one murdering her fellow intel operative. The new CIA Director wants her found and brought in and sends Noble to do it. He is not alone in the search for a trio for freelance agents are also out to find her and to kill her to keep her quiet.
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4 Noble Sanction Noble Sanction
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2019

Jake Noble is trying to drink himself to forget a horrible event but the CIA will not let him alone. They need him to look into the murder of a Secret Service agent, learning who killed him and why. It will be a long and treacherous investigation and Noble will eventually uncover a plot to destroy the country.
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5 Noble Asset Noble Asset
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2020

"Jake Noble accepts a suicide mission to save a little girl from a ruthless regime but someone has set Jake up for a fall and when the rescue attempt fails, the CIA cuts all ties and disavows any knowledge of the mission. On the run. With the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard in hot pursuit, can Noble save the lives of his men and himself?"
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6 Noble Storm Noble Storm
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2022

"When a scientist goes missing, along with all his research, it’s up to Jake Noble to stop a nuclear war.
A doomsday device is on the open market. Jake Noble, along with Ezra Cook and Gwendolyn Witwicky, are dispatched to eastern Europe to track down the missing scientist.
They find themselves hunted by a terror organization hell bent on changing the world. It’s a race against time. Will Jake have to sacrifice a friend to stop a global catastrophe?"
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7 Noble Fall Noble Fall
Written by William Miller
Copyright: 2023

"When Jake Noble’s mission to bring a defector out of China goes off the rails, the former Special Forces operator finds himself on the run from CIA, MI6, and London Police. It’s a race against time to unravel the mystery and clear his name, but there are forces at work who want to see Noble take the fall for murder and they’ll stop at nothing to put him behind bars."
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In real life all of us have problems of one sort or another. In fiction too often if a character has a problem it is overblown. Not in Jake Noble's case, IMHO. He has his own bit of trouble and he has his mother's illness to deal with. That latter turmoil is one of the driving forces determining what and why he does things and it definitely made me root for him a tad more than I might have but not so much as to get maudlin. Good job by the author.

And good writing by him as well. Good adventures with good characters.


My Grade: B+


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