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Full Name: Bradford Lehman
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Air Force
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: George Zell Heuston
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Bradford Lehman is an officer in U.S. Air Force Intelligence.

Born and raised in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, Lehman learned to love mountain climbing, an activity that will bring him into missions against Soviet agents high atop towering cliffs and crags. His father had been an avid climber and both young Lehman and his sister would acquire a similar love of it from childhood.

5'10", lean and sinewy, Lehman's brown hair has been bleached blond by the "high summer sunlight of the mountains" where he spent all his available time growing up. These were vital times for acquiring his skills in and on that rugged, dangerous terrain because rookie mistakes and plain bad luck will almost get him killed or at least seriously injured a time or three. As a result, by the time he reached his majority, he was well seasoned and far wiser than his years, at least as far as mountain survival was concerned.

When we first meet Lehman it is as an 17-year-old just about to graduate from high school and ready to head to university to major in history but working the summer for the Ranier Guide Service combining his love of mountaineering with a desire to help people. It is in that capacity he is asked to escort Defense Secretary Robert McNamara on a climb up the mountain which is how he will come to the attention of the government when someone of his expertise will be needed. It would be a simple climb for fun but it would let certain people know of his and his skills.

Lehman's "day job" was working in the intelligence section of the Strategic Air Command monitoring Soviet air movements and preparing for any attack by them. It was, however, as a mountain climber that Lehman will find a whole different way to combat communism.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 A Cold Paradise A Cold Paradise
Written by George Zell Heuston
Copyright: 2016

Because of his mountain climbing expertise, a young Bradford Lehman is picked by the FBI to lead an expedition up Mt. Rainier where it is suspected Soviet agents have planted a nuclear weapon, one capable of killing tens of thousands on its own but also forcing an eruption of the volcano, bringing ruin to the entire Northwest.
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2 A Cold Mission A Cold Mission
Written by George Zell Heuston
Copyright: 2016

Taking place in the early 70's, Air Force officer Bradford Lehman is again tapped to lead a mission where his climbing skills are needed. This time it is going up Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest mountain in the world to learn what was there that so interested Soviet agents.
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I do not like heights. I say that right off because while I was comfortably seated at ground level (well, there were the 4 steps up to my front door) when I read these two adventures, the action took me far higher than I would normally go.

The author is without a doubt an expert in mountain climbing and loves it. I am not and do not, respectively, but I did enjoy being able to follow the character up onto the mountain cliffs with an occasional stop to make sure I was still safe and to get more refreshments (reading about climbing is hard work).

The writing style of the author is good and easy to read, not stellar in parts but fast and clear-cut. Where he absolutely shines, though, is when he describes the activity of climbing. Boy, can he put you on that mountainside. And this is one of the few times where having an author leaving me hanging is actually a very good thing!


My Grade: B


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