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Full Name: Sebastian Gray and Sean Ray
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Military; DEA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brent Melton
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Sebastian Gray is a sergeant in the U.S. Army. Sean Ray is an agent with the DEA.

We learn early on that Gray had been a soldier all his adult life, signing up upon graduation from high school and serving two tours in Afghanistan followed by two tours in Iraq followed by the tour he is on in Syria helping the Free Syrian forces combat ISIL. A horrible set of events will end with him being in Corpus Christi trying to recover from very serious wounds. Once there he will be transferred to the Military Police.

Sean Ray is a "athletically built man" with "tanned, olive skin", a Texan born and raised and proud of it, who, when we first encounter him, is A DEA agent and one of five Foreign-deployed Advisory and Support Teams, or FAST. All the out-of-country assignments he had had up to when we meet him had been to Afghanistan. This trip is to Mexico where he will discover first-hand that some of the Federales with whom he must work are working both sides.

The two will meet in the first adventure when they go up against Islamic terrorists striking the facility in Texas both are visiting. Their need to work together to first survive and then take the battle to the enemy will make a very good partnership. In the second of the two recorded adventures they will continue their search into the how's and who's of the attack that first brought they together.

Though the two men come from greatly different origins, they find that they are kindred spirits and they mesh together very well, which is good because they will be surrounded continuously by people who want them both dead.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 On Soverign Ground On Soverign Ground
Written by Brent Melton
Copyright: 2016

One year after his team was destroyed in combat in Syria, Sebastian Gray is on hand on a base in Texas when terrorists masquerading as soldiers attack. With the help of DEA agent Sean Ray, he is determined to stop the attackers but telling them apart from real soldiers is tough.
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2 A Matter Of Vengeance A Matter Of Vengeance
Written by Brent Melton
Copyright: 2018

The terrorist group called Al-Yad is behind the recent attack in the U.S. and Sebastian Gray and Sean Ray are determined to track down the leadership. Time is running out, though, because Al-Yad is ramping up its clock for a massive assault.


Really fast action, lots of snappy dialogue that sounds real with the requisite amount of dark humor and banter, a bunch of really nasty bad guys to cause all sort of troubles. What is there not to like? For me, I can find nothing to complain about. These two adventures were super-fast reads because they never slowed down and every bumping minute was fun enough to want to keep going.

Well, one complaint but it is a good one for a series to have: I would have liked more adventures. The two fellows make a really good team.


My Grade: B+


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