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Full Name: Kari Andrews
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Student

Creator: Kat Carlton
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


Kari Andrews is a high school student.

She is not a spy. Absolutely not. No way. Get out of here with that spy talk.

She is a junior at Kennedy Prep and would like to stay that way but trouble has arrived and even though she is NOT a spy (we've covered that already), her parents are.

When we first meet Andrews, she is climbing out of the second-floor girl's bathroom window trying to ditch class without being noticed because she got a text from her parents asking her to pick up milk on the way home.

Before you get the impression I've tried to leave that she is a nutcase, that is a prearranged signal to say that there is major trouble and that she should find her brother and go to one of several predetermined spots and await more word. She will do this but there will be no more word coming and the lives of her brother and herself will never be the same.

Andrews is a 16-year-old prep-school girl. Her brother, Charlie, is a 7-year old genius. Their parents work for the CIA, or at least did before sending the signal and then disappearing.

After the signal and then the hiding and then breaking into Langley to find out what is going on, things really get strange. Andrews would like to believe she is able to handle the trouble, and in a way she is, being really good with martial arts and defending herself and her brother, but she does have a tendency to lose it now and then when things get strange and like I just said, things got really strange so ...

But Andrews has some pretty amazing friends who do whatever it takes to help out. And she will need that help.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Two Lies and a Spy Two Lies and a Spy
Written by Kat Carlton
Copyright: 2013

The text from her father said there was a Code Black. Kari Andrews knew that meant to find her little brother and hide. Since both her parents were spies for the Agency, she knew there was trouble but when her folks failed to show up at any of the prearranged locations, she knew the trouble was really, really bad.
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2 Sealed With a Lie Sealed With a Lie
Written by Kat Carlton
Copyright: 2014

Having to live in a new country with new identities is hard for anyone but when her little brother goes missing and she cannot tell the authorities, it is very difficult on Kari Andrews. Luckily she is quite resourceful and she has many talented friends to help and she will need them because the voice who says he has her brother wants her to steal something from a high security facility.
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I am a sucker big time for kids-as-spies adventures, especially as a change-of-pace from far more serious works. Since this two-book series (sadly no more than that) is so well written, I was extra fond of it.

Now, the idea that kids could break into the Agency headquarters and do many of the other things that they do in the course of their adventures is totally silly. I know it. You know it. I'm sure the author knew it. And I do no care. I liked it. I liked Kari. I liked the supporting cast, except for Luke's twin.

Very enjoyable young-adult spy series.


My Grade: B


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