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Full Name: Kate Adams
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Professor

Creator: Holly A. Bell
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Kate Adams is a college professor.

Her area of expertise is finance. Her area of operation is Alaska.

She finds herself involved in the world of cloaks and daggers when her husband, who was working on something he had not explained, died under mysterious circumstances and her desire to learn more lands her into considerable trouble. That fellow, Max, had been a "software engineer by trade" who "also worked as an adjunct professor accompanying a group of Master's degree student on an educational tour of Asian financial markets". She was told very little about his disappearance in Singapore and even less about how he died. She didn't even have a body to bury, just a box of ashes from the cremation done over there before she was told.

But back to her being a professor in Alaska, to hear her very disappointed mother, Adams had such a wonderful life ahead of her with "offers from Georgetown and UCLA" after getting her doctorate but she "had to have an adventure and run off to take a job at the University of Alaska" where she was going to stay just a couple of years but has been there for ten. To her mom she had thrown away her opportunities. To Adams, she had met the man of her dreams and fallen in love with the state and could not have been happier.

And as far as loosing opportunities, her mother chooses to ignore the fact that Adams' star is still pretty high up in her field of economics when invitations to fly to D.C. to lecture at think tanks and the like on a wide range of financial issues. She is quite well known and well thought of in the federal government circles.

Which will come in handy when she starts to question her husband's activities and his demise and finds she needs some powerful help. Unfortunately, her actions will not go unnoticed by people who would rather she not ask such questions.

Luckily for her she is aided in these matters by an old boy friend, Brad, who works for the CIA.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 Trading Salvos Trading Salvos
Written by Holly A. Bell
Copyright: 2016

After her husband suddenly died, Kate Adams needed a major break so headed to a remote area of Alaska. Even there she wonders what he had been working on when he perished. This gets the finance professor to notice strange activities in the money world all over the planet. Looking even deeper forces her to make use of the help from an old boyfriend, a CIA agent, as her investigations get her deeper into danger.
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2 Whistleblower Whistleblower
Written by Holly A. Bell
Copyright: 2018

Someone going by the nickname of The Executive is releasing highly classified U.S. documents to the Dark Web but many of those tidbits are also quite false. The public is up in arms. Kate Adams is asked to help track down who is behind it all.
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Write what you know about. That is a persistent instruction to would-be writers. I cannot say whether the author heard such things, although I am confident she did, but she has certainly done just that because she knows very well what she is talking about in the field of finance and she is well familiar with the state of Alaska. This gives these two books a terrific authentic feel to them.

And while the author is a professor herself like Kate Adams, when she talks of such matters she does so in words that someone who has no knowledge of such things can understand. I thank her for that. She makes me see what Adams sees without making me feel, well, as stupid about the subject as I really am. I definitely thank her for that.


My Grade: B


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