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Full Name: Boxer Unit OSS
Nationality: American
Organization: OSS
Occupation Agency

Creator: Ned Cort
Time Span: 1981 - 1982


Boxer Unit OSS is a team of 4 agents with the OSS.

The Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner to the modern CIA, was America's key intelligence gathering unit as well as its clandestine operations group. When information was needed from behind enemy lines or when a target was proving impervious to normal bombing runs or a high-level official in the enemy came needed elimination, it is the men and women of this elite group that were called to pull off the oft-times impossible objectives.

Inside the OSS there existed a ultra-elite quartet of highly skilled and extremely deadly operatives. Officially they were Group Boxer while unofficially, they were known as the Boxers.

Nick Chase was the group's leader. A "tall bond with swept-back hair", it was from his nickname of Boxer that the team gots its own nickname. Twenty-eight years old, he was said to be a very lucky man. In a blurb about his incredible fortune, "an enemy soldier fired at him point blank and the bullet fell out of the barrel".

Jeff D'Arcy, 27, was the radio operator for the team, said to me "an intellectual type who wore wire-rimmed glasses". He was an expert of the highest quality when it came to the operation of his equipment and he also possessed a photographic memory. Second in command, D'Arcy was well-trained in "psycho-warfare".

Frank Kirilis, 28, was said to be the go-to guy when it was needed to blow something up. Kirillis loved explosives. "For him, a sky full of flames is beautiful and the roar of explosives is a symphony". He was also very partial to killing with his bare hands.

Chris Romer, 27, was "a swarthy man with a beard and a deep voice" who was known to his team-mates as "the assassin". Expert in hand-to-hand combat, he could and often did kill before an enemy knew he was near.

These four were very good at their jobs, especially since the powers that controlled them knew well enough to give them the assignments where high body counts were likely. Each of these men enjoyed the mayhem.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1981
Last Appearance:1982

A special shout-out to Glorious Trash, one of my favorite sites for terrific reviews. His write-up was terrific.

1 French Entrapment French Entrapment
Written by Ned Cort
Copyright: 1981

The Boxers parachute behind enemy lines to find the blueprints of a German radar which can overcome Allied jamming which has resulted in the loss of dozens of U.S. bombers.

2 Alpine Gambit Alpine Gambit
Written by Ned Cort
Copyright: 1981

The German National Redoubt is a rumored series of underground caverns which the Nazis are planning to use as a last resort to hide out while continuing to fight. It is the job of the Boxer Unit to head to Austria to find if it exists and, if it does, how to destroy it.

3 Operation Counter-Scorch Operation Counter-Scorch
Written by Ned Cort
Copyright: 1982

"America's elite kill team fights to save Italy from the fury of a beaten Wehrmacht."

4 Target Norway Target Norway
Written by Ned Cort
Copyright: 1982

"America's multi-lingual kill team set to demolish Hitler's hope for the A-bomb."

5 Partisan Demolition Partisan Demolition
Written by Ned Cort
Copyright: 1982

"America's multi-lingual kill team plots to explode a top-secret Nazi mine."


If you like mayhem and destruction and killing with relish, this series is a good one to pick. If you like realistic characters and a decent plot, maybe not so much.

I have always been a stickler for wanting to find something to like about the protagonists in the stories I read. I could really find nothing in any of these fellows (I started to say gentlemen but that would have been so very far off the mark).

Granted, the team was put together to be able to go into a dangerous situation, kill all the bad guys, accomplish the objective, and then get out. And they were successful in the 5 recorded adventures plus a few more alluded to. Nevertheless, I got the impression that these guys would have fit just a well in the other team's uniforms.

Another point of annoyance was the fact that each cover showed lovely ladies that I initially took to be part of the team. Nope. There were a few women here and there but they seemed present only to satisfy the Boxers and then get lost or shot by the badder guys.

The fact that I used the publisher's blurbs for the last three books' description shows I did not bother to read them. Two books were enough to let me know I really did not have to.


My Grade: C


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