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Full Name: Nicolina Fabiani
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Yvonne Crowe
Time Span: 2012 - 2019


Nicolina 'Lina' Fabriani is a reporter.

Normally living in Rome, a city she fell in love with when she first visited a few years before and for which she has never lost her appreciation, Fabriani works as a freelance journalist keeping the people back in the States informed on interesting events in the Eternal City. She has a particular interest in the Vatican and she is able to a unique viewpoint on the activity of the Church thanks to her close friendship with Edoardos, a priest with interesting connections to different departments in the Papacy.

Fabriani is a second-generation American born after both of her parents had moved to the U.S. from Italy years before. While she is most definitely an American shown by her independent streak, she has to listen far too often to her mother's old-world view that she should give up her career and find a nice man and settle down to raise babies. To the Fabriani we first meet, that is far from happening.

Her involvement in things other than Catholic or Italian comes in the second recorded adventure when a chance to report on the Civil War in Syria comes her way and despite the obvious danger, the offer was too tempting. Fabriani would admit, grudgingly perhaps, that she is an action junkie and the thrill of being where the action was would prove too strong. It would also throw her up against terrorists and rebels and would-be despots not just in Syria but elsewhere.

Along the way she will meet, get saved by and do some saving of her own, and fall hard for an Israeli Mossad agent named David Baron working as a professor of Philology (the study of languages [you're welcome]) in Italy. Together they will have even more exciting and highly dangerous times.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Magdalene Conspiracy The Magdalene Conspiracy
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2012

Someone is murdering the The Women in Blue, a Mary Magdalene Sect, on the streets of Rome, crucifying them to make a lurid point. Lina Fabiani is determined to uncover the truth behind the killings and she works alongside her friend, Monsignor Edoardos Guiliani, a man determined to save the papacy of the new Pope whose progressive changes are not well received by many.
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2 The Eternal Madonna The Eternal Madonna
aka The First Madonna
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2014

Lina Fabiana is in Syria covering the Civil War in that country when she runs up against a group of jihadists who are not partial to a woman speaking the truth and issue a fatwa against her. With the aid of an Israeli Mossad agent, David Baron, she might survive long enough to find and rescue the Eternal Madonna, a statue said to have the location of the Garden of Eden.
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3 Nazi's Dark Secrets Nazi's Dark Secrets
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2016

Lina Fabiani's new love interest, Israeli agent David, learns his grandparents, survivors of Auschwitz, have been murdered in Israel by a Nazi assassin. When David sets out to get justice for his loved ones, he and Lina come up against the legend that Hitler did not die in the bunker but lived on and a powerful German politician is trying to bring back those fascist days.
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4 Hitler's Prodigy Hitler's Prodigy
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2016

When the head of the International Monetary Fund is murdered by the Raven, a neo-Nazi assassin whose calling card is a black feather on the body, Lina Fabiani and David Baron know they are once again going up against the fascist occult-believing group they thought they had put down.
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5 Saint Peter's Keys Saint Peter's Keys
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2016

Callixtus IV, the progressive pope whose leanings are riling the old guard in the Catholic church, is in danger from within as someone has just murdered the Papal Sacristan, a monk who had no known enemies. Lina Fabiani and David Baron want to learn who is behind the kills and behind the unofficial revolt.
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6 St. Mary's Secret St. Mary's Secret
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2016

The murder of a visiting Vatican priest by a priest at St Mary’s House on Nightingale Mountain in Ephesus, Turkey causes the Pop's private secretary to ask his good friend, Lina Fabiani, to go there to investigate on his behalf. She agrees and soon she and David Baron are headed to the coastal community but so is an assassin hired by a renegade Cardinal who wants secrets kept secret.
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7 Beyond Jerusalem Beyond Jerusalem
aka Beyond Gaza, aka Requiem For Ari
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2017

The capture of one of David Baron's colleagues at Mossad's elite squad puts David into a horrible quandary. Should he put his own like in terrible danger with his wife, Lina Fabiani, now pregnant with their child, all to save a friend who is likely already dead at the hands of Hamas inside Syria?

8 Death Of A Songbird Death Of A Songbird
Written by Yvonne Crowe
Copyright: 2019

A prequel taking place before The Magdalene Conspiracy - An Italian pop-star is murdered. The police have arrested the prime suspect. Case closed. Except Lina Fabriani finds an old coin at the scene a few days later and that eventually brings her up against worshipers of the Stregheria, the Old Religion of the Etruscans.
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I am in love with Fabiani. Don't tell my wife. I adore this very nosey, brash, capable young woman and I enjoy the heck out of following her adventures. Now, I would like people to stop trying to kill her but then again, maybe it would not be as much fun. Still, c'mon, guys, give the lass a break!.

The best part of this series is the terrificly fun to read writing. The prose is just so smooth and easy flowing and the action comes and goes so naturally. If someone asked me for a great book to read in the evening, I would so pick this series to choose from.

Great writing. Great characters. Great action. What more could a reader want?

And there is also Fabiani. Did I mention I was in love with her?


My Grade: A-


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