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Full Name: Ethan Clark
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kyle W. Bell
Time Span: 2011 - 2012


He has been one for quite a long while when we meet him in his first recorded adventure. In that time there is very little he has not seen or done or heard and his experience is both a boon and a chain. While his years in the field causes him to suspect anybody and everbody, it also can blind him to the fact that a truth is a truth.

Many of those around him, and many more in the current Administration, wants to deal with things as black and white, this or that, Clark has learned to see in shades of gray. If asked, most of those who work with him would say Clark leans far more to the darker shades, finding bad in lots of things. His often sardonic outlook on life would back that up.

One example of that somewhat mocking attitude is his approach at places like the TSA security checkpoints at airports. "Ethan always loved to pull the CIA card on an unsuspecting lower-level law enforcement officer. Strictly speaking it was only reserved for need-to-know situations, but he used it loosely at times. Parking meter runs out? 'Official CIA business, you won't need to worry about filing that ticket officer.' The only ones that he hadn't done it to at some point were mall cops and he was convinced that if he had a kid - something that he vowed to never have - then he probably would have used it on a Black Friday to get the hot ticket item of the year."

"Just because you work for the world's pre-eminent spy organization doesn't mean that you can't have a sense of humor. It's what keeps us alive or at least sane" is another example of the attitude Clark takes with him. He finds, though, that a lot of the people he deals with either do not share his outlook or just do not get his humorous quips - mostly the latter.

Noteworthy comment:

"It always amused Ethan that baseball was one of the few professions where you could succeed thirty percent of the time and be considered a super star."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2012

1 Operation Bald Eagle Operation Bald Eagle
Written by Kyle W. Bell
Copyright: 2011

Ethan Clark is put on the investigation of an attempt by a Chinese businessman to acquire a major American tech company which has some very sensitive but lucrative U.S. government contracts. Some many in the intelligence field think it is to be able to mount a cyber attack, some evidence points to something else.
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2 Dusk Before Dawn Dusk Before Dawn
Written by Kyle W. Bell
Copyright: 2012

While a whole lot of money is being thrown into the election races to get control of the government in America, a Russian invasion of Ukraine throws another major wrench into the works. Ethan Clark is part of the team looking into both which may be related.
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The writing for this sadly too-short series is superb. One excellent example of this is in the second book where he spends more than a couple pages describing an inter-agency baseball game between the FBI and CIA. It is not only fun and interesting in itself, it is transposed with a good deal of action going on in the world at the same time that will greatly affect Clark. Going from one to the other is fascinating.

The whole style of the author is terrific. Lots of description told in what feels to me like just the right amount of words. Insights into the main character's motives and thought pattern are frequent but not over-done. The action is realistic. The two plots are also believable.

Well done!


My Grade: A-


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