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Full Name: Ethan Clark
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kyle W. Bell
Time Span: 2011 - 2012


       Ethan Clark is an agent with the CIA.
       He has been one for quite a long while when we meet him in his first recorded adventure. In that time there is very little he has not seen or done or heard and his experience is both a boon and a chain. While his years in the field causes him to suspect anybody and everbody, it also can blind him to the fact that a truth is a truth.
       Many of those around him, and many more in the current Administration, wants to deal with things as black and white, this or that, Clark has learned to see in shades of gray. If asked, most of those who work with him would say Clark leans far more to the darker shades, finding bad in lots of things. His often sarcastic outlook on life would back that up.

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Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2012

1 Operation Bald Eagle Operation Bald Eagle
Written by Kyle W. Bell
Copyright: 2011

"Agent Ethan Clark faces one of the most challenging missions in his thirty year career working for The Agency. A Chinese businessman attempts to acquire a highly valued American technology company with sensitive U.S. government contracts. Intelligence suggests a possible cyber attack is in the works, but all is not as it seems."
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2 Dusk Before Dawn Dusk Before Dawn
Written by Kyle W. Bell
Copyright: 2012

"A Russian invasion of Ukraine upends a US presidential election. Agent Ethan Clark and the CIA investigate a possible coup in Moscow. Monied interests at home pour billions to secure firm control of Washington, threatening American democracy itself."
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