Full Name: Tim Bennett
Nationality: American
Organization: National News Service
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Joe Gill
Time Span: 1956 - 1956


Tim Bennett is a reporter for the National News Service.

Being a foreign correspondent means this American news-hound has the whole of Europe for his beat, able to head anywhere at any time for a good story but also on call when his editor back home hears of someplace he should investigate. In the three recorded adventures we have of Bennett, he is in Portugal and Belgium as well as one country unnamed which recently switched to a democratic country.

In those adventures he goes up against communist kidnappers, traitors from WWII on the lam, and bitter royalists wanted to wrest back control of their lost nation. In all three he proves that while the pen is mightier than the sword, a really fast, hard fist to the jaw can do wonders. This is important because a couple of times, the fist-ee has a gun pointed at Bennett so he had to be either swift in his attack or filled with lead.

Bennett has been on the job for quite a while based on his confidence and that of his boss in him, not to mention he obviously knows people all over the Continent. Of him it was written that he knew "where the kings will scratch before they get the itch!"

Bennett is a fairly tall and very thin individual with a long, quite thin clean-shaven face. He sports blond hair which match the yellow band above the brim of his fedora. He is partial to a matching trench-coat over his ubiquitous brown suit always with a green bow-tie.

And then there is his pipe. He always has it in his mouth. Always. Sometimes he is a left-hanger and other a right-hanger but at no time do we see him without it. Drinking, talking, writing, fighting, and bullet-dodging. He has the pipe. Good clench control.

One interesting point about Bennett is his attitude towards a female reporter from a competitor with whom he deals in an adventure. He is very friendly with her without being pushy; he treats her like an equal and does not talk down to her, and the "freshest" he could be said to have been was when he called her a "working-girl" meaning she worked just like him. This tale taking place in the mid-50s, it was refreshing to not have a single "babe" or "honey" or "doll-face". A man ahead of his time.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:1956
Last Appearance:1956

1 Captive Scientist Captive Scientist
Published by Charlton Comics
Contributors: Joe Gill (writer), Bill Molno (pencils), Rocke Mastroserio (inks)
Copyright: 1956

Found in Foreign Intrigue #14 - 6 pages - Tim Bennett is sent to interview Dr. Otto Rudd in Brussels, but he isn't to talk. Seems the Reds have his daughter. Tim offers to rescue her for the Doc and his special formula becomes saved as well.
Click here to read the story.

2 Cafe Royale Cafe Royale
Published by Charlton Comics
Contributors: Vince Alascia (inks), Bill Molno (pencils), Joe Gill (writer)
Copyright: 1956

Found in Foreign Intrigue #14 - 5 pages - Tim Bennett goes to Madrid on assignment to interview a man who thinks he should be the King of Spain in the Cafe Royale.
Click here to read the story.

3 The Man With The Scar The Man With The Scar
Published by Charlton Comics
Contributors: Joe Gill (writer), Bill Molno (pencils), Rocke Mastroserio (inks)
Copyright: 1956

Found in Foreign Intrigue #14 - 5 pages - Tim Bennett goes to Lisbon on assignment to find out why a man named Ellis Tyndall was taken by another man with a scar. Bennett then discovers who the scarred man is.
Click here to read the story.


There is not really enough to know if I liked Tim Bennett or not. Certainly there was nothing whatsoever to make me not like him. He is intrepid, daring, resourceful, and dogged. When he wants a story, he gets it.

His ability to punch more than one adversary before they can pull a trigger seems a bit over-the-top but then again, maybe they were slow and he not and besides, since it was he that was going to get shot, he undoubtedly had incentive on his side.

The author, Joe Gill, was a very accomplished comicbook author and he was able to tell a decent enough story in just a few pages so kudos to him for that.


My Grade: B


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