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Full Name: Alex Dorring
Codename: Agent 192
Nationality: British
Organization: MI-6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Vince Vogel
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


       Alex Dorring is an agent with MI-6.
       Was is the more accurate word. He was an agent in good standing for several years, part of a highly specialized group of assassins making up the group known inside the department as Uriel.
       Then a mission a decade ago went horribly wrong and Dorring became a prisoner of MI-6's Pit, a repository for former operatives who are considered broken and unsalvageable. The next few years will not be pleasant.
       And then the activities of the first recorded adventure take place and Dorring, aka Agent 192, is broken out and taken swiftly to a remote camp in Syria. Why and who did the snatching would be slowly revealed.

More on this series when I have finished the books.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Agent 192 Agent 192
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2018

Ten years ago, Alex Dorring was a member of the elite group of assassins with MI-6 called Uriel. Then a major mistake happened on a mission and he ended up in a top secret psychiatric unit for broken agents. Now he has been busted out and ferried to the Syrian desert where a group of ex-agents want him to join them. At the same time, members of his old team go on the lookout for him.
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2 The Hitman's Death The Hitman's Death
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2018

He was hiding nicely when he came to learn about a group of assassins, hackers, and crazed billionaires. The hackers have been breaking into the main financial institutes and robbing them. Even as he seeks to stop them, the US is going after Russian oligarchs and taking their fortunes. It will not be long before they strike back.
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3 The Wrong Man The Wrong Man
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2019

He was hiking on an empty section of road in the Ukraine when two cops decide Alex Dorring is their target for some sadistic fun. In the back of the squad car is an American young man. When Dorring has to kill the two corrupt cops to save his own life, he puts himself and the American on the run.
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