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Full Name: Alex Dorring
Codename: Agent 192
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Vince Vogel
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Alex Dorring is an agent with MI-6.

Was is the more accurate word. He was an agent in good standing for several years, part of a highly specialized group of assassins making up the group known inside the department as Uriel. His code number was 192 and he was one of the best they had, one they called upon when the job was next to impossible.

Then a mission a decade ago went horribly wrong and Dorring became a prisoner in Iraq of some people you did not want to caught by. He would endure intense long term torture, which we are told about in the opening pages of the first recorded adventure, and all the time he was watching and waiting because he knew his chance would come if he just survived long enough. And he was determined to survive.

But after his escape, the story leaps ahead to modern time where he is a resident in another facility, this one nicknamed 'The Pit' and it was run by MI-6 being a repository for former operatives who are considered broken and not salvageable.

We will be given glimpses of what horrors had happened to Dorring that got him virtually comatose in that place. Told how before his incarceration he had been on assignment when he met and fell in love with the wife of a Russian oligarch he was surveilling. Told how for five years Dorring and his lover had lived a secluded life bring a young girl into the world. Then it all went bad. He was caught. They were killed. He was found by MI-6 in a remote part of Siberia, "half-dead, lying in a cell with two badly decomposed bodies that he refused to leave". "Ever since, he'd been here: the Pit, a place for broken agents. A place where broken things went when they had to be hidden away." That's when someone for some reason breaks him out and the next stage of Dorring's life begins.

Dorring is described as a big man many times throughout his adventures, for good reason. "He was tall, at least six and a half feet. Shaped like a bull. Huge, wide set shoulders". You would think that being his size would make people be extra cautious around him. You would be wrong and so would that. Dorring would see to that.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 Agent 192 Agent 192
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2018

Ten years ago, Alex Dorring was a member of the elite group of assassins with MI-6 called Uriel. Then a major mistake happened on a mission and he ended up in a top secret psychiatric unit for broken agents. Now he has been busted out and ferried to the Syrian desert where a group of ex-agents want him to join them. At the same time, members of his old team go on the lookout for him.
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2 The Hitman's Death The Hitman's Death
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2018

He was hiding nicely when he came to learn about a group of assassins, hackers, and crazed billionaires. The hackers have been breaking into the main financial institutes and robbing them. Even as he seeks to stop them, the US is going after Russian oligarchs and taking their fortunes. It will not be long before they strike back.
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3 The Wrong Man The Wrong Man
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2019

He was hiking on an empty section of road in the Ukraine when two cops decide Alex Dorring is their target for some sadistic fun. In the back of the squad car is an American young man. When Dorring has to kill the two corrupt cops to save his own life, he puts himself and the American on the run.
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4 Who Dares Wins Who Dares Wins
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2020

It was while going through a box of his things from his military days that Alex Doring finds a message on an old mobile phone. It contains an invitation: "I've found him. Come find me". This brings up a major event from his past and he knows he cannot ignore it. Heeding it, though, will take him to a remote island off Scotland and a psychotic killer.
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5 The Highwaymen The Highwaymen
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2020

Sitting in a pub in London, Alex Dorring hears on the news of a dead woman found in a hotel room in St. Tropez. She was known as the Black Widow and was a famous jewel thief. Dorring had much more knowledge of her and now wants to know what happened to the person he once knew.
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6 The Ring The Ring
Written by Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2020

Trying to hide from the world, Alex Dorring is working as a farm laborer. He meets an old man in an orchard in Somerset and the two find a friendship. When the old man is visited by the police and told of the finding at a London crime scene the fingerprints of his daughter who disappeared a decade before at age 10, the old man knows he has to travel there to learn more and Dorring decides to go with him. What the two will find will change their lives forever.
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If you are looking for adventure and lots of action and bad guys doing bad things they need stopped at, this is most definitely a series you need to read. There is a ton of all of that in these pages.

However, do not do any skipping over pages or even paragraphs because you will miss something important to the storyline and you will have to go back. I know because I did not skip or skim but I still went back a time or three because I had not caught some comment that would prove necessary.

These tales are quite interesting and the prose is very well done. Do not, however, open one of these books if you are feeling low 'cause the lives everyone lives in these stories will throw anyone into depression. I swear, the only time anyone is happy is in a flashback and you know that isn't going to last.


My Grade: B+


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