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Full Name: Scott Stiletto
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brian Drake
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Scott Stiletto is an agent with the CIA.

He has been one for more than a few years by the time of the first recorded adventure but even before his time with the Agency, he had had a long and eventful career.

Stiletto joined the U.S. Army at nineteen in order to provide for his new bride, Maddy, who had just become pregnant. Through hard work and dedication he had risen in the ranks and become an officer and had chosen an especially challenging route to do so, making the grade to be a member of the elite Special Forces. But all that came at a cost to his family with so much time spent away from home. When his wife got sick with cancer, he retired from the military but when she passed away he was left alone. His only child, a daughter named Felicia, was furious with him for reasons he never understood and chose to have nothing to do with him. That left him with no anchor.

He had considered an offer to join a private investigation firm in New York prior to his wife's death but with her gone that line of work lost all interest. That was when the possibility of a job with the CIA came by and he took it. The extensive training at the Farm, coupled with his already considerable experience in the Army made him a powerful weapon to be used wherever was needed.

The sorts of highly dangerous missions that he will get with the Agency will help him cope with his depression over the loss of his wife but it will also continue to provide him reasons for not trying to reconnect with his daughter, a gap that will constantly weigh heavily on him.

As time goes by in the series, the troubles that Stiletto will have to face just keep getting harder and nastier which is a bad thing for him but even worse for his opponents because he seems to live off adversity - certainly he keeps getting better with practice.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Termination Protocol The Termination Protocol
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2014

Scott Stiletto's mission was to bring back to the U.S. a captured terrorist named Brendan Miller. He was even given a few people to help with security. It should have been simple. It wasn't. Another terror group realized how valuable Miller was and soon Stiletto's help were dead and he wounded. That really irritated Stiletto and that is not a good thing.
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2 The Fairmont Maneuver The Fairmont Maneuver
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2017

A former colleague and friend, Ali Lewis, is now running her family's clothing business. When her father is murdered by his former partner, she calls for help from Scott Stiletto. Though he has no legal standing in the matter since it takes place in the States, Stiletto will not let a friend down, no matter how many crooked cops and Iranian gunmen stand in the way.
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3 The Glinkov Extraction The Glinkov Extraction
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2017

An old Russian agent and friend, Vladimir Glinkov, is on the run after a coup attempt against Putin fails and the suspects start getting rounded up. He appeals to the US government for help but they refuse and order Scott Steletto to stay out of it. When he ignores them, the CIA puts a bounty on his head.

4 The Petrova Betrayal The Petrova Betrayal
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2019

Highly classified and highly valuable radar plans has been stolen from the defense contractor developing it. It is not just America's enemies that want their hands on it but also many of her friends. It is Scott Stiletto's task to get them back no matter how bloody it might get.

5 The Minas Deception The Minas Deception
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2019

The mission for Scott Stiletto is to bring into Venezuela guns and ammo for the rebels to use to bring down the despotic government. What he saw there, the cruelty of the regime and the suffering of the people, made him stay to join the fight.
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6 The Giordana Connection The Giordana Connection
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2019

Scott Stiletto was fulfilling a promise to a fallen colleague, delivering a message to the man's daughter. When he arrived in Twin Falls, though, he found the woman had been murdered and the secrecy covering the facts was daunting. Stiletto decided that if he could not to the original request, he could at least avenge her death.
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7 The Blood Tide The Blood Tide
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2019

A Colombian drug lord has managed to get control of much of the trade on the East Coast and has had the help of some turncoat DEA agents. When Scott Stiletto decides to end that dominance, he finds that someone in his own sphere is tipping off the enemy.
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8 The Rogue Agent The Rogue Agent
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2020

The CIA is worried that a fellow agent and friend to Scott Stiletto has gone rogue and killed one of their own doing so. The order to eliminate him goes out but Stiletto is determined to save his friend, if the man deserves it.
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9 The Cartel Queen The Cartel Queen
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2022

"Carlos and Jackeline Guardado, leaders of a cartel sharing their name, have been funneling information to the US for a decade, damaging cartels world-wide, leading to billions of dollars in losses and the assassinations of high-profile drug thugs. Now they’re cashing in on a promise—the promise of a new life and new identities in the US.
But they have to escape alive first.
Stiletto travels to Colombia to coordinate the defection, and right away finds himself hip deep in hostility."
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[Re-write] I am re-writing this section because when I read it again a few weeks after I wrote it, I cringed at how I gave the impression I did not enjoy this series as much as I did. I talked about how "I had some trouble with the first part of the first book" which is true though I cannot explain why well enough. But once I got through it, WOW! The next few books flew and held me for each journey.

I hope the author keeps penning these adventures because, as I mentioned in the first pass-through, "Stiletto grows on you and after a while you likely will, if you are like me, start to anticipate how bad it will be for whatever dirt-bag is causing trouble around him. Stiletto does not suffer bad guys well. And he lets them know it."

If you want an exciting ride and a kick-butt driver doing the steering, this is a series you should not miss.


My Grade: A-


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