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Full Name: Frank Adversego
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Cyber-Security Expert

Creator: Andrew Updegrove
Time Span: 2012 - 2019


Frank Adversego is a cyber-security expert.

He is one of the very best. Just ask him, he'll tell you.

Granted, he is a genius and truly is phenomenal in his field and actually getting better as time goes by but when we first meet him he is considerably (well, completely) full of himself and carries a pretty large chip on his shoulder about the fact that other people might not see just how great he is.

If that all makes him sound terrible, then good. He is pretty terrible.

When we first meet him.

He will improve very quickly after things start happening to him. He will pretty much always be pleased with himself and prone to slapping himself on the back a lot but he stops being such a jerk and becomes a fascinating character to follow. Add to that the fact that he is always meeting interesting people that throw him off now and then, though he rights himself well enough, and you have interesting dialogues.

Most importantly he keeps getting involved in all things cyber-related which, considering how much the Internet controls things today, is pretty much everything. In the first adventure there are people getting into the most protected data storage and deleting file; removing them from existence. The second is even more frightening with the elections being more and more electronic and easier for manipulation by the ultra-gifted. Another will talk of the power grids and how interconnected, through the Internet, they are. One deals with artificial intelligence and how safe is smart computers. And the latest craze of cyber-currency gets attention as well.

All this means that Adversego will be a very busy man.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Alexandria Project The Alexandria Project
Written by Andrew Updegrove
Copyright: 2012

Subtitled "A Tale of Treachery and Technology ". A revolutionary group calling itselve the Alexandria Project is wanting to destroy the US and is using its hacking ability to make a good start. They start small with little attacks at the Library of Congress and attract the attention of Frank Adversego. Unfortunately, it also attracts the CIA who wonder if Frank is behind it all. To go after the Project, Frank goes undercover.
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2 The Lafayette Campaign The Lafayette Campaign
Written by Andrew Updegrove
Copyright: 2015

Subtitled "A Tale of Deception and Elections ". As the nation nears another major election, the desire to go paperless is proving too strong to ignore. Frank Adversego has a lot of worries, though, because he knows just how possible it would be to change the voting in cyberspace. Too bad most people won't listen.
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3 The Doodlebug War The Doodlebug War
Written by Andrew Updegrove
Copyright: 2016

Subtitled "A Tale of Fanatics and Romantics". The leader of a new ISIS-style terrorist organization, Mullah Muhammed Foobar, has amassed considerable power in the Middle East and is now looking at a new way to attack America. The CIA think it will be a cyber-war and call upon Frank Adversego to help defend the country.
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4 The Turing Test The Turing Test
Written by Andrew Updegrove
Copyright: 2017

Subtitled "A Tale of Artificial Intelligence and Malevolence". Someone wants to end climate change, no matter what it takes or the destruction it causes. When Frank Adversego looks into some of their cyber methods, he earns their ire and becomes a target himself.
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5 The Blockchain Revolution The Blockchain Revolution
Written by Andrew Updegrove
Copyright: 2019

Subtitled "A Tale of Insanity and Anarchy ". Financial institutions have taken to the new concept of blockchains but want Frank Adversego to see how safe they really are. As he does so, he gains a powerful enemy in a genius who wants to bring down all governments and see Frank as a hindrance to be removed. Plus the Russians seem unhappy with Frank as well.
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I really like Frank Adversego. You might have gathered from my remarks above that I did not and you would have been correct, at the beginning. He was a pompous jerk with a chip on his shoulder. Good thing someone knocked it off and he kinda grew up. His adult daughter helped in that a lot as did Yoda (you have to read it to understand).

Even more than him, though, was my love of this series for the technology, one of my interests, it presents in a terrific, part over-your-head way and then dumb-it-down so normal people can understand. Of course, the more he dumbed it for us lesser folks, the scarier it got. Could it happen? Probably? Will it happen? According to Adversego, likely.

So, considering how much I enjoyed these stories and how much they made me gulp, do I want more stories. No, cause they are scary. Yes, cause they are scary good.


My Grade: A-


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