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Full Name: Christina Parker and Michael Boutilier
Series Name: The IMA Series
Nationality: American
Organization: IMA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nenia Campbell
Time Span: 2012 - 2015


Michael Boutilier is an agent with the IMA. Christina Parker is a student.

Both will change as the 4-book series progresses but that is how they are when we first meet them.

Concerning the organization known as the IMA, the acronym, according to one character, is Integrated Military Affairs. "It's not affiliated with the U.S. military or any other department of the U.S. Government, although they know it exists." It consists of "powerful mercenaries, trained like soldiers".

At first I though the IMA was on the side of the angels but as I learned more, it became less worthy of a halo. Espionage work is certainly one of its activities but eliminations is also a huge part of its income and it does not seem to be too picky who the target is or why. And for those who get in the way, there is an admonition that "the IMA frowned on using hostages for what it called 'recreational purposes' - something that, to this day, remains one of the best euphemisms for [sex] that I've ever heard.

"The IMA had many enemies, with about a thousand different faces." While this line does not really prove anything about the IMA's being good or bad, it does let the reader know that the organization, for being so secret, has a lot of people not liking it.

The teenage Parker comes into contact with the IMA, and thus Boutilier, because of her father who is very much a wanted man and a good way to get to him was through her. As the series progresses, she will age and take on a not-so-helpless aspect, becoming someone you do not want to make angry.

Boutilier will, though he may change employerr, remain a bad-ass. As said early on, "Michael could out-poker-face a slab of stone."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2015

1 Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger
Written by Nenia Campbell
Copyright: 2012

Michael Boutilier is the agent IMA sent to find the hacker who had breached their firewalls. His one clue is the man's daughter, Christina Parker. Unfortunately, she gets nabbed by people wanting her dad's code and that means Boutilier must rescue her first.
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2 Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous
Written by Nenia Campbell
Copyright: 2013

It has been a year since Michael Boutilier saved her. Christina Parker is now a student in a small college trying to get a new life going. Then Boutilier shows up on her doorstep, literally, unconscious and he needs her help against the IMA. Parker will have to step back into danger but this time she plans to do it on her own terms.
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3 Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded
Written by Nenia Campbell
Copyright: 2013

To help keep herself and her family safe, Christina Parker has agreed to work for the BN but their training facility is like a prison and with her known as the lover of an IMA assassin, things are very dicey. For Michael Boutilier things are no easier since his boss has come up with an even sicker plan than normal to widen his power.
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4 Cease and Desist Cease and Desist
Written by Nenia Campbell
Copyright: 2015

In this conclusion to the IMA series, Michael and Christina have joined AMI, a group created to specifically go after the IMA. When one of the AMI agents is killed, both need to find a way to infiltrate the IMA to stop it.
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Many a time I read a series and wish there was a television show of it. That is how I felt about this one. The relationship between the two main characters really worked well in the pages of the books but they would also have worked great on the screen. Too bad no one asked me (they never do).

Sometimes in a pair of characters, there is one who kinda sorta irks me but I happened to like both. Michael started to come across as a stick-in-the-mud but he cleaned off nicely. Christina was nice to follow from the beginning and stayed that way.

The author has other series going so she is staying busy. If she should decide another IMA story was in her, I would like to read it.


My Grade: B


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