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Full Name: Michael Herne
Nationality: American
Organization: The Activity
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Vinjamuri
Time Span: 2012 - 2012


Michael Herne is an agent with the Activity.

The group for whom he works really has no name officially. It is called the Activity by the people in it because they have to have something to call it but on the books it likely is just a sub-paragraph number. It originally had been called the Intelligence Support Activity" but it soon just got shortened. It is run by a man who is known as Alpha. He has a real name, of course, and Herne had an opportunity to learn it but it is of no importance because to the men who work for the Activity, he always will be Alpha. He tells Herne when they first meet that his group is officially "a clerical support company - one that doesn't do much clerical work".

He goes on to explain that in the aftermath of the Iran Hostage Rescue fiasco, it was decided that before any such major action, it was vital to have someone in the area doing vital reconnaissance. Prior to a mission by the Seals, Delta, and other Special Forces teams, a member of the Activity scopes out the region and provides legitimate facts about the lay of the land and what was waiting in the shadows.

As Alpha explains, the CIA and Homeland Security might claim to have up-to-the-minute intel but they were driven more by politics and wishful thinking than hard facts and wishes get people killed needlessly. So one man goes, alone and independent, and gets the truth. And is there if things start hitting the fan.

Herne became a member over time. He was planning to head to college and a professional football career afterwards followed by a life as a coach. Then his father lost his job and his hope and took his own life and Herne's extremely task master of a mother told him college was out and his life was set working in the same small city in the hills of New York State. Herne dreaded that kind of dead-end life and rebelled. He fled home and joined the Army. He sent a good deal of his pay home to help his family but he was at least out of that town.

Herne certainly did not aim towards membership in the Activity because like most people he did not know it existed. When he shows an incredible shooting ability and a self-reliance and dependability far better than most, he got noticed. And Alpha came to visit. Herne was told of the possibility of membership but only after years of work and proving himself. He would have to make the Rangers. Then he would have to make it to Delta and work there for a while to keep proving himself. Then he would be invited to join. Herne did all that.

When we first meet him, he has been a member for several years and decided that his time in the most elite of groups was ending. He took a new job with the State Department's Intelligence branch as an analyst. But Alpha knows where he is at all times. And Alpha is too smart to let a good agent get away.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 Operator Operator
Written by David Vinjamuri
Copyright: 2012

It had been over a decade since he had been back home but the suicide of his high school sweetheart makes him return. The trouble he finds there will make him recall all the training he had as a Tier-1 operative in the fight against terrorism because back home is not a very safe place.
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2 Binder Binder
Written by David Vinjamuri
Copyright: 2012

A request from a former commander in the Army has Michael Herne heading to West Virginia in search of that man's daughter. What Herne will find is a whole lot of trouble and some white supremacists with radical plans.
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Oh boy! Did I love this series! A lot.

Now I was worried with the first pages because it was written in present tense and I am not a fan of that style but I quickly saw the author could easily handle it and within just a few pages more, I was so hooked it did not matter any more. (The second book is 'normal' storytelling.)

What grabbed and held me was the way the author kept the story flowing quickly and easily with an occasional short bounce back in time to let me know the history of the character or the situation, all done smoothly and bringing me back into the normal flow with no effort.

The characters are interesting and realistic. The drama is definitely there with the suspense so needed for this type of book but there are a few vital places where the reader is given a much needed chance to catch his breath before the next crisis. And at no point was there ever anything boring or plodding - the tale moved along quickly and deliciously.

There are only two books in this series. I do not know if there will be any more since it has been a few years. Boy, do I wish there were. I really loved this series.


My Grade: A


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