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Full Name: Lee Carruthers
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Marilynn Larew
Time Span: 2013 - 2017


Lee Carruthers is an agent with the CIA.

She has been for a short while but in that not too long a period she has made an impressive name for herself as someone who goes far beyond her job description. That job is as an analyst and she is very, very good at it. She specializes in money movement and learning how the transfer of funds can indicate if not prove upcoming events. Some of the time the people she looks into or the organizations they head deal in criminal behavior and sometimes they go much deeper by funding terrorists. Regardless, Carruthers is tenacious at getting to the truth.

But the going beyond her job description deals with something other than just putting in extra hours in front of computer screens or bank ledgers. Quite often she willingly puts herself out into the field dodging bullets and bombs and, when necessary, giving as good as she can and she can really well.

She would be the first to tell you that she is not a trained field operative. She tells others that on more than one occasion and she reminds herself of it a time or three, like when she is a prisoner locked in a dark room in a Moroccan holding facility being interrogated. But if you asked the numerous people she has confronted from time to time whether she was a "real agent", those still breathing might not agree with her denials.

Carruthers is single, attractive, and quite human in all normal desires but though she would not mind a lasting relationship, she has yet to find someone she would give up her job for. She is not an action junkie, she would declare, but the thought of a nine-to-five job forever behind a desk makes her shiver. And though she has had a couple of relationships that might make her reconsider for a moment or two, she remains alone.

As the series progresses, her job description will change a bit but who she is inside and how to handles herself will not. She remains a very effective, very self-reliant agent.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Spider Catchers The Spider Catchers
Written by Marilynn Larew
Copyright: 2013

When the woman working for the CIA-sponsored NGO following human trafficking in Morocco disappears, Lee Carruthers, analyst and sometime impromptu field agent who held the position before, is asked to investigate. Being a female asking questions in an Arab country rife with budding fundamentalists will not be taken well, as she finds out when the bomb goes off.
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2 Dead In Dubai Dead In Dubai
Written by Marilynn Larew
Copyright: 2015

When Lee Carruthers is asked to look into the death of CIA officer George Branson in Dubai, she agreed. Then she found out that was just one of his identities and learning who killed him and why got a whole lot more complicated, especially since now several groups do not want her to succeed.
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3 Hong Kong Central Hong Kong Central
Written by Marilynn Larew
Copyright: 2017

She might not work for Syndey anymore but she still has a hard time saying no to his request for help. This one takes her to Hong Kong to learn why one of his people has gone silent. She arrives in time to see the man being abducted by Triad members and looking into their business is a good way to get dead.
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From the first pages of this series, I knew I was going to have fun and having now gone through three adventures, I maintain that attitude. The character of Carruthers is a sharp, capable, fun, dangerous, and sexy woman who does not need anyone to watch her back even when she is in deep doo-doo.

I love the fact that though she decides that working for the Agency is no longer what she wants, she still gets called into assignments as favors for her old boss, Sidney. One especially appealing aspect is even as I follow her adventures doing so, I keep wondering if she is getting paid and if her expenses are being reimbursed. I have no idea why I worry about it but I do. Maybe I am worried that Carruthers is finally decide she needs a boring day job and that will be the end of the stories.


My Grade: A-


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