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Full Name: Levi Hart
Nationality: American
Organization: Dragon Team
Occupation Agent

Creator: Richard Craig Anderson
Time Span: 2013 - 2018


Levi Hart is an agent with Dragon Team.

That "group" was a close-knit team of eight highly trained operatives, put together as just one of a dozen such teams all working for Vanguard International. Vanguard was a company created by Heath Baker, a decorated colonel with the Green Berets who paid his dues with multiple tours in Vietnam and has the medals and the scars to prove it. After 9/11, he formed the company as a side venture to help do his part. These teams "at first ... performed surveillance, personal protection, and a variety of other tasks for private clients but the Iraq and Afghanistan efforts [soon] provided the principla contracts".

Dragon Team was led by a former Seal name Joe Tucker who brought in Levi Hart as his assistant and for the past few years, the that team has more than proved its worth in a good number of very bad assignments. Tucker and Hart were two men drastically different from each other who very much disliked each other at the beginning but whose opinions changed in the heat of battle so that now they are bests of friends.

Levi Hart is a former FBI agent who was making a name for himself and had even reached the position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge after just 5 years on the job before things changed and he decided a change of career was in order. Now he earns a lot more and gets a lot more action that before and enjoys it a whole lot more. There are rules to what he does but nothing like the ones as a Fed.

Hart is described as having "heavy auburn hair brushed straight back" with "slender and angular, with a lean face, a shy grin and knowing eyes. He was thirty-seven but passed for ten years younger".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Cobra Clearance Cobra Clearance
Written by Richard Craig Anderson
Copyright: 2013

The US President has been killed in a gruesome way by an Islamic terrorist. Now the killer has teamed up with an American white-supremacist leader to bring even greater harm to the US. It is the job of Levi Hart and his Dragon Team to stop them but when Hart goes undercover, he finds himself cut off and all on his own.
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2 Follow Apollo Follow Apollo
Written by Richard Craig Anderson
Copyright: 2016

Yuri Bogrov is a billionaire psychopath who has gotten his hands on ultra-secret documents from the Vatican archives and is planning on using them to cause tremendous harm to the world. These secrets include data on a moon landing the world was not told about. Levi Hart and his team are out to stop the madman.
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3 Mark Air Mark Air
Written by Richard Craig Anderson
Copyright: 2018

An American ultra-right-winger wants to create a global war of Christians against Muslims. Levi Hart's job is to stop him but thrown into Hart's path is a plan to use Hart's nephew against him and to stop the plot will mean putting the nephew through hell or worse.
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If you are looking for a hero to get you through a disaster, Hart is likely a good one to call. The disasters, though, seem a bit too disastrous but then again it's fiction so I should lighten up. Hart is a solid character with some flaws and a lot of good points and following him is fun once you get over the fact that whatever happens around him is likely to be very bad. Makes me determined to stay as far away from him as I can. But not away from the books which were fun to read and read swiftly at that.


My Grade: B


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