Full Name: Spyman
Series Name: Simple Spyman
Codename: SS
Nationality: British
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Ritchie
Time Span: 1975 - 1976


       Simple Spyman is an agent with British Intelligence.
       Well, we assume it is British because it is presented in a British comedy comic book magazine. The Intelligence part is only because he is names "Spyman". Considering the daffy things he gets involved in and the goofy things he does, it is hard to say if there is any intelligence involved.
       Still, Agent "SS" is there, week after week, to follow the instructions of his rotund, soup-strainer mustached, cigar-chomping, bow-tie wearing boss who, though he sends SS on a lot of varied missions, never seems to get dismayed at the end results.
       In the first recorded adventure of Simple Spyman (we learn no more about his name), we are greeted with "Meet the guy who's the world's worst spy!" That could say it all but, of course, I'll say more.
       Like the less-than-genius Simple Simon who was undoubtedly the foil for the play on words name of this 'agent', SS is a man who does not realize how ridiculous he is or how foolish his plans are. As his namesake in the nursery rhyme 'went a-fishing for to catch a whale', SS is constantly trying to get do something in the silliest of ways and failing OR he is succeeding but with hilarious outcomes.
       And it all starts with his incredibly outfit of super over-sized hat, all dark apparel, and a beard that cannot be believed even when seen.
       But for all the zaniness that abounds in these spoof tales, he does kinda grow on you. [I'll skip the comparison of 'like a fungus' but you'll think it, nevertheless.]


Number of Stories:87
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1976


       I'd like to pretend that I pondered long and somberly about whether to add such a silly series as Simple Spyman to the compendium but ... ah, nope! I was shown it by a frequent contributor and immediately grinned and said, 'Oh yeah!'. No particular reason other than it was so ridiculous I could not resist.
       The character is utterly stupid and the plots, if you can call them that, are ridiculous. There is no plot to speak of. No development worth noting (except for the introduction of Mini-Spy decades before Dr. Evil's Mini-Me). The main protagonist's outfit is crazy to a fault.
       But to get a minor chuckle now and then is good. Simple Spyman, if taken in very small doses, is almost kinda sorta fun-ish.


My Grade: C-


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