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Full Name: John Prentice
Nationality: British
Organization: Royal Navy
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sea-Lion
Time Span: 1946 - 1949


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       John Prentice is an officer in British Naval Intelligence.
       When we first meet him, he is attached to the Signal Corps and happy there. Then he meets an Intelligence officer by the name of Peter Browning and finds himself helping that experience operative on his current mission, though Prentice will remain largely an assistant. As time and the series proceed, Prentice will gain in rank, take over for Browning, and meet the lovely talented Tania Maitland, a singer and dancer, who will play a big role in several of his adventures.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1946
Last Appearance:1949

1 Phantom Fleet Phantom Fleet
Written by Sea-Lion
Copyright: 1946

"The plot is concerned with a deeply laid German scheme of naval strategy, which incidentally explains the mysterious loss of a number of British vessels before the war, a mysterious fleet based upon a desert island, escapes and adventures such as only the war at sea can provide."

2 Sink Me The Ship Sink Me The Ship
Written by Sea-Lion
Copyright: 1946

[plot unknown]

3 Sea Of Troubles Sea Of Troubles
Written by Sea-Lion
Copyright: 1947

"The British Navy outwits an attempt by fanatical Nazis to establish a base for a Fourth and Greater German Reich in the remote Falkland Islands far down in the South Atlantic, though not before a new Fuehrer has demanded the evacuation of Allied forces from Germany under the threat of destruction of the principal cities of Great Britain, Russia, and the U.S.A. by long-range rocket bombardment."

4 Cargo For Crooks Cargo For Crooks
Written by Sea-Lion
Copyright: 1948

[plot unknown]

5 When Danger Threatens When Danger Threatens
Written by Sea-Lion
Copyright: 1949

[plot unknown]




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