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Full Name: Mike Eastern
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Gary Tulley
Time Span: 2013 - 2018


Mike Eastern is a private investigator.

"Mike Eastern, private Investigator. All varied aspects of crime and domestic issues considered. 24/7 service is guaranteed!"

That is how his business card reads. Eastern has plied his trade for a large number of years. Exactly how many is unknown but he talks early on about how he has had his office and often sleeping quarters above the Italian fast food joint for over eight years so it is certainly that long and likely longer. To get to his office you have to climb some stairs but more importantly to Eastern, so does he and he really does not like stairs.

He really does not like most things. He gets annoyed easily. He tends to bark and snarl and let those who are doing the annoying know that he is annoyed. Few people gets spared

his sharp tongue. That likely helps explain the fact that he has been married three times already though it does not explain why the ex'es said yes in the first place. Eastern explains his lack of marital success on his allergy to wedding cakes.

Eastern was born Marcus Enstien. When he was old enough to need to make a living, he did so as a boxer and was fairly good at it until five years into this profession, an eye injury forced him out. That lead him to other trades where his fisticuffs would prove useful such "as a doorman or a bouncer, graduating to a security guard in a casino".

Having no desire whatsoever to do anything more than what he has been doing to make a living, such as that living is, Eastern was not looking to get involved in the spy business. He hardly seems to really want to be in the private eye business sometimes. But life dumps him solidly in a mess where the guys in grey coats were playing and he barely got out alive the first time. That, unfortunately, kind of means he is a survivor so when trouble happens again...

Oh, we never really know who these spy guys work for. "Spooks" is what the agency is named though that likely is what Eastern calls it. It is run by Commander Rogon with whom Eastern has a very strange relationship. Rogon seems to like Eastern but then he is in the deception business. Eastern seems to always be one straw away from anger with Rogon but that straw stays off the camel's back so no harm yet. It is an interesting situation.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Once Upon A Spook Once Upon A Spook
Written by Gary Tulley
Copyright: 2013

The original book came out in 2013. The now-available second edition was released in 2016. Working on a case involving the estranged wife of a bigwig in the Police Department, Mike Eastern is also suddenly the interest of a top secret government spy agency.
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2 The Spook Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest The Spook Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Written by Gary Tulley
Copyright: 2013

The original book came out in 2013. The now-available second edition was released in 2016. Mike Eastern had no desire whatsoever to work again for the "Spooks" but contractually he had no choice so he again finds himself in the cloak and dagger world, this time going up against a big-time crooked diamond dealer.
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3 Spook, The Preying Mantis Spook, The Preying Mantis
Written by Gary Tulley
Copyright: 2018

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I think you really need to be British thru-and-thru to get many of the comments that the author, and sometimes Eastern, makes. I lived in the UK for several years but obviously not long enough to get a lot of the references so I had to spend a bunch of time going back over who said what to whom and still sometimes decided to just move along and hope for the best.

The Mike Eastern we meet in the first book is someone I really did not want to know. At first I thought he hated anyone and everyone but slowly I changed my mind to his just being annoyed by the world. Still it was enough to be put off by him which is only fair because he is readily put off by, well, everyone. The second adventure was a whole lot better and the third even more so but I still had that bad taste in my mouth from the first.

The first two books are marked as "Second Edition" which means to me that they were revised. If so, I couldn't say whether they got better or worse in the repair job but certainly the first still could use work if the intent was to make the reader interested in Eastern.


My Grade: B


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