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Full Name: Josh Fallon
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. C. Williams
Time Span: 2010 - 2014


Josh Fallon is an agent with the CIA.

At least he is when the series starts and he has been one for a few years. Before that he was a proud member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers where he was rated one of their best snipers. We learn that after the Rangers, Fallon was for a while a member of the FBI's SWAT team, though we do not know how long he was with them. As the series progresses, he will transition from the Agency to private security work. It is obvious that Fallon likes a challenge and even more so that he does not like sitting still for long.

All this time, he performs his missions admirably but invariably causes some new enemy to become very unhappy with him, always in a way that makes sense and comes across, unfortunately for him, reasonable. Since it usually takes some time to prepare an offensive, the retribution does not come immediately but takes a while to grow and fester and to give Fallon a chance to think life might have gotten back to something resembling normal.

Speaking of normal, as it says in his first recorded adventure, normal, or average, is the way people who do not know him would consider him. "If someone described him, they would say he was, well, they would say - average. Average height, average weight, average build, maybe perhaps a little on the lean side now. Average color hair and his eyes? That may be where they differ in opinion. His eyes were grey, but that's not what others would say. They would describe his eyes as warm, friendly, cold, hard, quiet, sparkling, listening, hurt, lively, and more. The eyes were the window to the soul and Josh Fallon's eyes showed many souls - whatever soul he chose to show. Of his many chameleon-like qualities, that was his best. And in his chosen work, a necessity."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Tango Vendetta The Tango Vendetta
Written by J. C. Williams
Copyright: 2010

Though he was more than ready to quit, Josh Fallon lets himself be talked into one more mission - this one taking him in to Turkmenistan and into a situation that will start a vendetta against him.
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2 The Two-Step Vendetta The Two-Step Vendetta
Written by J. C. Williams
Copyright: 2012

The death of a low-level drug dealer in Chicago, a fatal car crash in Wisconsin, and an incident in Afghanistan are related and the connection will throw Josh Fallon into a huge mess when his new job as a Rescuer in a security business draws him in.
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3 The Ballet Vendetta The Ballet Vendetta
Written by J. C. Williams
Copyright: 2014

End one vendetta and another one takes its place. This time, one of those taken out when Josh Fallon eliminated the man after him has a father who has a lot of resources and now an intense purpose - killing the man who killed his son.
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In accordance with the series sub-title, the Vendetta Trilogy, this was a three-parter about some very angry and powerful people wanting revenge for things John Fallon did in the successful performance of his job. I do not know if the author planned to move the series past the three-book collection. It might have been interesting but then again, he told his story and ended it.

One thing I took away from this series is that Fallon was pretty realistic. He got dumped upon and had a hard time dealing with the load he was forced to deal with but he kept undigging and eventually got out.


My Grade: B


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