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Full Name: Stone Waverly
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Steven E. Wilson
Time Span: 2003 - 2018


Stone Waverly is an agent with the CIA.

When we first meet him, he has been an agent/analyst with the Agency for just over 20 years, being just over 50 years old when the first recorded adventure takes place in the early days just after 9/11.

Thanks to a joint meeting he was ordered to attend and at which he was directed to give a quick synopsis of his background, we know that he graduated from the University of Arkansas with a History degree minoring in U.S. military history. Through ROTC he became a lieutenant in the army when he got out of school and went into the Rangers where he got his first taste of the clandestine world through a small surveillance contingent in that group. Since it was now peace time and he knew his chances for advancement were limited, Waverly was planning to leave the service after his commitment was up to return home but the CIA came calling.

The CIA offered him a chance to join a new unit which was consisting of ex-servicemen to work "as a sort of paramilitary surveillance and enforcement arm" of Langley to "mount clandestine operations against terrorist organizations that were perceived to be a threat to the United States".

He worked with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviet forces there, even helping set up the cave complexes in Tora Bora. After the Russians withdrew, his career took him to India, Pakistan, and Northern Iraq. Since 1994 he worked at the headquarters of the CIA as the team leader of the counter-terrorism group.

Though many people might be, at that point in a career, thinking about retiring to something else, Waverly is about to see his life take a very interesting and very challenging change of direction.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2018

1 Winter In Kandahar Winter In Kandahar
Written by Steven E. Wilson
Copyright: 2003

Ahmed Jan is a member of the Northern Alliance fighting the Taliban in 2001. He learns of a biological weapon being moved to Europe to kill thousands and he is ordered to track it down and stop the plan. Stone Waverly for the CIA is looking at the plot from a different angle but with the same intent.
Note: this book was originally published in 2003 but revised in 2010.
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2 Ascent From Darkness Ascent From Darkness
Written by Steven E. Wilson
Copyright: 2008

In order to find a cache of weapons-grade uranium, Stone Waverly must be willing to sacrifice everything, including his family back home, to head to Iraq and follow a trail throughout the Middle East.
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3 The Benghazi Affair The Benghazi Affair
Written by Steven E. Wilson
Copyright: 2018

Retired now and taking care of his family, Stone Waverly is quite content and not at all interested in leaving everything to head to Libya during the Arab Spring. That is what he must do, though, to find a horrible weapon that is planned to brought to America by terrorists.
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I love a series about older spies, being an older spy-reader. This series gives me a terrific one in the soon-to-be retired operative Stone Waverly and we get to watch him move up to and beyond that line. We also get to watch him be dragged back in and have to wonder just how unhappy he really is to be forced to use his considerable talents once more.

There is a good deal of time between the writings of these novels - 15 years from the first to the third. I do not know if the author intends for there to be more but I, for one reader, hope so.


My Grade: B+


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