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Full Name: B-Squad
Nationality: British
Organization: B-Squad
Occupation Agency

Creator: Connor Fitzgerald
Time Span: 2011 - 2011


The B-Squad is an independent group created to fight terrorism.

That is what the members who are recruited using Facebook are told and it sounded right, especially to the small group of people who came from very different backgrounds with very different skill sets. They might be different in so many ways but they did have several things in common - they were all scarred by recent events in their lives and they were all highly gifted in at least one field that would prove vital to the organization. The problem that would face the creators of this group was that if you put together a team capable of smashing your enemies and then let them learn how you had deceived them, it does not work out well.

The recruitment went like this: "eight random people selected from their Facebook profiles to join a counter-terrorist squad. Eight members, four missions, one goal. Stop terrorism."

That sounded especially good to Michael "Mikey" Ryan who was still grieving over the loss of his love though the extent of that love was not really felt until she was gone. Anger over her murder and remorse over his own feelings, he needed an outlet and the B-Squad seemed perfect. He had been chosen for his exceptional drive and leadership abilities and he showed well just how good he was.

And so did the other team members. Until they learned they had been deceived. Then they really got together and showed what they could do. When they were done, though, they had showed themselves how what had been created in a deception for very bad reasons could be one heck of a force used for the right reason.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2011

1 A Brave New Squad A Brave New Squad
aka B-Squad
Written by Connor Fitzgerald
Copyright: 2011

A revised and re-edited edition. This tells the story of how Michael Ryan and the others were recruited and melded into the B-Squad to fight terrorism.
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2 In Each Other We Trust In Each Other We Trust
aka Revenge
Written by Connor Fitzgerald
Copyright: 2011

Knowing the truth of their organization and not liking it a bit, the B-Squad go after the founders and get their revenge.
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3 The Enemy Within The Enemy Within
aka War
Written by Connor Fitzgerald
Copyright: 2011

Having now grown to be a worldwide force with missions taking them to many different parts of the globe, the people of the B-Squad learn that sometimes the real enemy is closer than one might like.
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This series really bleeds over the line as to what would be a spy series; maybe so much as to not really qualify as "spy" so much as paramilitary except the members are not really military, para or otherwise. I first decided to add this series when I saw the blurbs and got the idea this was in the Mission: Impossible vein. And it was, sort of. Then as I read more, it seemed less like it belonged and then it seems more and finally I said 'to heck with it' and so I have added it.

The writing is straight-forward and super easy to take. When the author wants you to feel trepidation, like when the main character, Mikey, is being accosted, you definitely go along with him. When it is time to get angry, you get there with the characters quite easily.

And when the third book was over and I knew I was done, I also knew I would not have minded another adventure.


My Grade: B


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