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Full Name: Avery
Codename: Carnivore
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ross Sidor
Time Span: 2014 - 2023


Avery is an agent with the CIA.

Early on in this series, we learn that Avery is what he is known by. I have not found (yet) any first name for the man since in typical military fashion it is common to call someone by his last name. I could be wrong.

I also know that he doesn't "do small talk" being thought of as "awkward and obstinate". I do not believe shyness plays a part but just that his nature is a solitary one. This loner-ism extends to his owning a ranch house in the "backwoods of West Virginia". "When there wasn't a job, he trained hard and stayed focused. He ran five miles four days a week. Each day, he targeted a different muscle group with weightlifting. Once a week, he practiced with firearms, either on the makeshift range in his backyard, or he'd make the drive to Quantico or the Point, where he'd also tackle the obstacle courses, the Kill House, or defensive driving courses to keep those skills sharp. Once a month, he'd make a day-trip rock climbing and hiking."

We also know that he had worked for some time with the Agency's paramilitary Special Activities Division (SAD) where his specialty was that of a 'cleaner' which in this context meant he salvaged blown or compromised ops overseas. "He'd quietly go in, remove the Agency's fingerprints from an embarrassing situation or mitigate the potential for blow-back, and slip back out." Further, we learn that his boss, Culler, was the go-to guy for the National Clandestine Service working for a group called the Global Response Staff. This division "provided independent contractors, recruited from the military and police SWAT units, to work undercover as bodyguards for case officers, do security at CIA bases and stations, and even operate as agent handlers and intelligence gatherers in high risk environments...The most lethal and proficient of these operatives are informally known as scorpions."

A very dangerous man is Avery. Perhaps it is good he likes to live alone.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2023

1 Weapons Grade Weapons Grade
aka Scorpion
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2014

Avery's assignment is to go into Tajikistan to find a group of terrorists holding a high ranking CIA officer recently kidnapped. It is not long before Avery learns that the true problem lies in a different direction and involved an American traitor and WMD being promised the Taliban.
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2 Target: Viper Target: Viper
aka Viper
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2015

The Viper is the deadliest terrorist that South America has produced and that individual is on a path to bring mass destruction, physical and economical, to the U.S. Avery is given the impossible task of stopping the upcoming carnage.
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3 Subversive Action Subversive Action
aka Scorpion II
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2017

Avery is asked back to work by the CIA when a bombing in Russia kills two Americans. One of the victims is an old friend of Avery so he has a lot of incentive which he will need because he is up against a Spetsnaz just as skilled as Avery.
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4 Rogue State Rogue State
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2020

The current President is friendly with the Saudis. They are very unhappy with a dissident journalist and want to eliminate him. The White House is willing to look the other way. The CIA is not and wants Avery to get the reporter to safety.
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5 Gray Zone Gray Zone
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2022

An attack on a CIA facility in the Kurdish region of Syria leaves a dozen Americans dead and the White House demanding action be taken. Avery is ordered to track down and eliminate the attackers' leader, a mysterious figure known as 'Khaled'.
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6 Death And Sand Death And Sand
Written by Ross Sidor
Copyright: 2023

"After a secret meeting in the Red Sea, a conspiracy with global ramifications is underway. A terrorist attack kills hundreds in the streets of Tehran. A diplomat is assassinated in Europe. Missiles strike an oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. An American is murdered in the backstreets of Cairo.
And a year after a failed mission to extract a defector from Iran, the CIA recruits gun for hire Avery to terminate a former colleague and lover, a rogue operator now caught in the center of a plot to draw the United States into another bloody Middle East war."
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Pretty good action with some very good bad guys. That is the key description for this series. Avery is pretty much a cypher which for me made it hard to get into his adventures. The bad guys are given a lot of attention which is good but building more on Avery would be useful. Of course, I might have missed it with all the bullets flying and such. It happens.

On a huge plus side for this series is the fact that it bills itself as a "gritty, violent action" series and, boy!, does that nail this series so if you are looking for something with non-stop excitement, this is decidedly your ticket.


My Grade: B


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