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Full Name: Jim Stillwater
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Intelligence Consultant

Creator: Lee A. Sweetapple
Time Span: 2011 - 2017


Jim Stillwater is an Intelligence Consultant.

That explanation really does not explain much but since what Stillwater does over the course of the (so far) four adventures and couple of decades changes, it is the best I can do.

When we first meet him, the time is the mid 80s during the start of the second of Reagan's two terms. He is a Lieutenant in the "Det" or Detachment, an intelligence-gathering department in the military. He was one of "Uncle Ronnie's Army", a nickname for this group, and others like it, used "for what insiders called the Army within the Army-the guys that were fighting the Cold War. The rest of the Army called them the 'Dark Side'. Journalists called them 'black ops units' and considered them to be synonymous with the CIA. The guys in these small, specialized units loved the fact that The Agency got the blame if something they did leaked out. Most of what they did in the shadows was routine. And sometimes it was just plain boring."

In the subsequent books, a lot of time has passed and Stillwater is naturally older, wiser, and perhaps less prone to willingly jump into trouble but that love of action and excitement is still alive and that gets him into the thick of things often enough.

The action moves quite a bit around the world because Stillwater's work takes him where the action is. Japan is the locale for the first, Florida (Stillwater's home) for the second, Cyprus in the third, and the islands off southern Africa for the fourth.

One important and quite enjoyable aspect to these adventures is that while Stillwater is the main protagonist, he has a varied and interesting group of solid friends who are available to help when called. Each of these people are worth knowing.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 Vette Head's Not Dead Vette Head's Not Dead
Written by Lee A. Sweetapple
Copyright: 2011

The silly idea had been to go after a buried classic Corvette transmission. Jim Stillwater and his friends thought it would be fun. That was before they went up against a bunch of religious zealots and some corrupt cops who would rather people did not go digging where they planned.
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2 Key West Revenge Key West Revenge
Written by Lee A. Sweetapple
Copyright: 2012

An old friend of Jim Stillwater and fellow intelligence officer is kidnapped. Even worse, he is framed for a bombing of a military facility. Stillwater and his friends decide to find their friend and get him back and make the kidnappers regret their actions.
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3 Templar Codes Templar Codes
Written by Lee A. Sweetapple
Copyright: 2014

Jim Stillwater is enjoying his retirement from intelligence work, living in Cyprus with a gig as a contractor at the US Embassy. Then he gets blamed for a murder and trying to prove he did not do it just gets him deeper in trouble with more people.
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4 Vodka Caliphate Vodka Caliphate
Written by Lee A. Sweetapple
Copyright: 2017

The kidnapping of Doctors Tanya Melnik and Gwen Stillwater is related to their research of coral reefs off Sao Tomé. The latter is married to Jim Stillwater and he and his friends decide a rescue is needed but in the proceedings, while the ladies are freed, Jim becomes the prisoner.
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You are often judged by the company you keep. That is something we all learn one way or another and it often works in a series like it does in real life. Very few series can survive without a decent foundation of other characters to keep things interesting. This series has them and they do wonders to help spark up trouble for the main character and enjoyment for the reader.

I also enjoyed the fact that Stillwater ages throughout this series and gets older and wiser but remains Stillwater and I would not want him any other way.


My Grade: B+


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