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Full Name: Cassiopeia Vitt
Nationality: Spanish
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Steve Berry
Time Span: 2007 - 2020


Cassiopeia Vitt is an adventurer.

That description reveals her avocation but not her vocation largely because, being the only heir to a very, very wealthy father who obviously doted on her and left her far and away enough money to live on quite pleasantly, she has no need for a job. She does need, though, something to occupy her time and her mind and her energy so she routinely goes looking for a challenge.

We first meet Vitt in the adventures of her close friend and often lover, Cotton Malone, a bookstore owner in Copenhagen but for the purposes of explaining why Vitt belongs in this compendium, Malone is a former operative with the U.S. intelligence group known as the Magellan Billet. Malone's boss in that organization is frequently calling for another favor from him and since Vitt is often with Malone, she gets dragged into things as well.

Just as often, however, Malone gets entangled in very messy problems because of his relationship with Vitt who, being an excellent student of antiquities and loving finding them and bringing them out of whatever dark recesses they were stowed, is likely to stir up far more than dust. Sometimes these relics are sought by others just as powerful and as determined as Vitt and Malone and sometimes those seekers or hiders are other governments.

Vitt's age is not mentioned (as far as I can find). She has to be in her late 30s if not more but is in excellent shape with considerable stamina to pull off the many actions she does in the course of her activities. She is a marksman with rifle and with bow, something for which Malone has been grateful on more than one occasion.

When we first learn of her, she is decribed as a woman who "...has many talents. Shooting, I'm sure, is one. She lives at Givors, an ancient citadel site. She's a woman of color, a Muslim, who possesses great wealth. She labors in the forest to rebuild a castle using only thirteenth-century techniques. Her château stands nearby and she personally oversees the rebuilding project, calling herself l'Ingénieur. The engineer."

Further is added, "She owned a multicontinent conglomerate, based in Paris, involved in a broad spectrum of business ventures with assets in the billion-euro range. Her father started the company and she inherited control, though she was little involved with its everyday operation. She also was the chairwoman for a Dutch foundation that worked closely with the United Nations on international AIDS relief and world famine, particularly in Africa."

So, Vitt is many things: a sharp businesswoman, an engineer, a philanthropist, an humanitarian, and, in the case of those lucky enough to earn it, a very good and loyal friend. Mostly, though, she loves adventure.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2016

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Cassiopeia Vitt started out as a support character in the pages of the Cotton Malone adventures and when she shows up, it is usually to help save the day. For that reason, though there are no books out about Vitt yet, her role in the several Malone adventures warrant mention here though the stories, and plots, are about Malone.

1 The Templar Legacy The Templar Legacy
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2007

When Cotton Malone sees a purse-snatcher through himself off a roof to escape capture, he is understandably curious. That inquisitiveness takes him deep into the world of the secret Knights Templar and a plot to change the course of history.
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2 The Alexandria Link The Alexandria Link
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2007

A wealthy mastermind believes Cotton Malone has something he wants and he kidnaps Malone's son to force the return. Unfortunately, Malone doesn't have it and isn't sure what it is.
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3 The Venetian Betrayal The Venetian Betrayal
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2007

The supreme minister of the Central Asian Federation has a plan to further his expansion goals by using a bioweapon to destroy Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, even if it plunges the world into WWIII. Cotton Malone plans to stop him.
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4 The Charlemagne Pursuit The Charlemagne Pursuit
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2008

[Mention of Cassiopeia Vitt only] Cotton Malone learns his father's death in a sub accident years before was related to a search beneath Antartica for the same item hunted by Nazis during WWII. Now he wants to know what it was.
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5 The Paris Vendetta The Paris Vendetta
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2009

[Cameo only] An American Secret Service operative turns to Cotton Malone for help when he is pursued by assassins hired by a group called the Paris Club, a secret cabal of wealthy businessmen out to manipulate the world's economy.
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6 The Emperor's Tomb The Emperor's Tomb
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2010

When Cassiopeia Vitt asks Malone to help on a mission to recover a priceless Chinese lamp, he is willing but neither know that two high ranking Chinese ministers, each vying for the top leadership spot, want the lamp and will do anything to get it.
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7 The Jefferson Key The Jefferson Key
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2011

A special code created by Jefferson two centuries before holds the answer to a conspiracy being unhatched by several powerful families in a plan to take over the country and run it the way they see as correct. Malone is determined to stop them.
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8 The Lincoln Myth The Lincoln Myth
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2014

A secret passed from President to President can destroy the nation if revealed. When it comes to President Lincoln, his decision about it is even harder. A century later, the facts are starting to come out.
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9 The Patriot Threat The Patriot Threat
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2015

[Mention only] There might be some issues with the legality of the 16th Amendment, legalizing income tax. North Korea gets involved in a scheme to cause considerable trouble for America and Cotton Malone's old boss asks for his help.
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10 The 14th Colony The 14th Colony
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2016

[Mention only] Learning that a Russian long hating the U.S. for the end of the U.S.S.R. is heading to Washington to use a flaw in the Constitution to bring down America, Cotton Malone is determined to chase him down and stop him.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Balkan Escape The Balkan Escape
Written by Steve Berry
Copyright: 2010

As a favor to an old friend, Cassiopeia Vitt is in Bulgaria searching the mountains for a tomb of an ancient Thracian king. When she comes upon a mining operation run by Russians, though, she knows old artifacts are not the goal but she cannot just walk away without knowing the truth
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2 The Museum of Mysteries The Museum of Mysteries
Written by Steve Berry, M. J. Rose
Copyright: 2018

Visiting an old friend at a very specialized Museum of Mysteries, Cassiopeia Vitt is there when a thief steals an object and races away. Giving chase, she finds herself not only involved in a strange mystery herself but also enduring flashbacks to a time long ago and long before she was born.
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3 The Lake of Learning The Lake of Learning
Written by Steve Berry, M. J. Rose
Copyright: 2019

Still loving her work at restoring her old castle using nothing but authentic methods, Cassiopeia Vitt is stunned to discover buried at the site an ancient tome called the Book of Hours which talked of the old Cathars. Resurrecting the past, though, might get Vitt dead in the present.
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4 The House of Long Ago The House of Long Ago
Written by Steve Berry, M. J. Rose
Copyright: 2020

Cassiopeia Vitt has decided it is time to sell her ancestral home. Inside are 15 masterpieces she wants to donate to museums. An art expert tells her that the paintings are fake and that her father may have been involved in shady dealings. Vitt is determined to learn the truth but there are several powerful people who want the facts to stay secret.
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For many years, Vitt was an occasional companion of Cotton Malone whose presence always improved any adventure. She showed herself to be extremely resourceful and courageous and a mighty handy person to have around though Malone gets annoyed now and then because, being so independent, her goals are not always in total agreement with his (too bad!).

When the first novella dealing solely with her came out, I considered her briefly for membership in my collection but then put it off. For several years. When the second novella was released recently and with it the hope that there might be more, I decided to stop hemming and hawing and put her in.

She is interesting enough to belong and a whole lot of fun to follow and I hope Mr. Berry and Ms. Rose will give us more of her, with Malone or on her own.


My Grade: A-


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