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Full Name: Anna Starks
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Russell Hamilton
Time Span: 2009 - 2014


Anna Starks is an agent with the CIA.

On the books she might be an agent. In actuality, she has a more specific specialty - she is an assassin. She is a very good one having taken care some nasty individuals on her own, the way she prefers to operate, with no one else to have to mind or watch out for. She answers to the Deputy Director of Operations directly.

When we first meet her, she is lying on the deck of a charter boat sunbathing in a very small bikini, drawing the attention and lust of a wealthy young Arab man. She was earning extra money as a deck hand for the company, cleaning the decks and operating the shark cage pulley system, diving with sharks being one of the ways the owner attracted clients. At least that is what she used as her cover; her real job was decidedly a "wet" one.

Born of an American father living in Egypt and an Egyptian mother, she spent her early years in the Middle East. Just as her parents were planning to move to the States, a terrorist attack robbed her of her mother and set her on a path which would, years later, give her a chance to get revenge by taking out terrorists one at a time.

One of the best skills that Starks possesses, other than her ability to kill without warning or hesitation, was her acting ability in that she could adapt a persona and truly become it making it very difficult for others to see through the charade. Her abilities with languages and dialects helps a great deal in the deception, as does her darker complexion allowing her to take on personas from just about any Mediterranean country.

She, of course, never forgets who she is and why she is wherever an assignment takes her so when it was time to break cover and accomplish her mission, she never falters.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2014

1 Agent of Influence Agent of Influence
Written by Russell Hamilton
Copyright: 2009

Zachariah Hardin is a man with a destiny, looking like a certainty to take the Presidency of the U.S. Anna Starks is a part of a joint FBI/CIA task force looking at terrorist activity in Las Vegas. Her disappearance is connected to Hardin and the plot to put an anti-American foreigner in the White House.
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1.5 The Wet Job The Wet Job
Written by Russell Hamilton
Copyright: 2011

Very short collection of three stories, two of which involve Anna Starks. The Starks stories are:
The Wet Job and
A New Beginning
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2 One Single Warrior One Single Warrior
Written by Russell Hamilton
Copyright: 2014

The sole survivor of the terrorist cell which tried to bring destruction to America, Jamal Mahmoud, is still at large and has no plans of abandoning his mission. Anna Starks is also still going strong and is determined to stop Mahmoud once and for all.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2011

1 The Wet Job The Wet Job
Written by Russell Hamilton
Copyright: 2011

Khalil loved to entertain on his yacht. He also loved to help out in terrorist attacks, killing hundreds. Anna used the former to get justice for the latter. Found in the short collection of the same name, The Wet Job.
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2 A New Beginning A New Beginning
Written by Russell Hamilton
Copyright: 2011

At the age of 14, Anna Starks is sadly preparing to move from the home she had always known in Cairo to a new one in America. Found in the short collection The Wet Job.
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Some very good advice to anyone thinking of taking on Anna Starks. Don't.

Addition advice to people thinking of underestimating her and worse, thinking she is an easy bimbo. Think again.

Starks is a very friendly, when she wants to be, individual up to the time when it is time to end a target. She is scary.

The writing of this series is quick and sure, much like the lady in question. There is no subtlety to much of what is transpiring but the reader probably doesn't want any (I didn't). Someone needs taking out and Anna does that sort of thing.

1 + 2 = 3. Anna + target = corpse. Simple math.


My Grade: B


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