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Full Name: Jane Bondage
Nationality: British
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Samuel E. Savage
Time Span: 1992 - 1998


Jane Bondage is an agent with British Intelligence.

I state right up that as of this typing, I have not read any of the three adventures of Ms. Bondage nor do I intend to any time soon. I wish I could say it was for ethical or moral reasons or because I have standards below which I will not sink. All true but having no part in the true reason. I just do not want at this junction to spend $12+ for a pornographic comic book dealing with bondage, something I have zero interest in. Plus, I do not want to have to explain to my wife why I spent $12+ on a dirty bondage comic "strictly for website research".

What is known about Bondage, then, is little and mostly conjecture.

She is British by the fact that since we know she is a spoof of the James Bond series and he was British, it is logical to assume she is as well. Also in the two covers we have of her adventures, the small amount of clothing she has on bears the Union Jack, something unlikely for a citizen of somewhere else would do.

Next, she is obviously extremely patriotic since she is willing to give her all, literally and figuratively, for her missions. Naturally, there is the probability that she also does this because she enjoys it but let's give her that merit point without quibbling.

She is early middle-aged, again based on her cover pictures. She has obviously been around the world a time or four but has not yet suffered the ravages (pun intended) her work would put on anybody. She is quite sexy, being very curvacious and impressively endowed.

But is she just one person or a couple? Likely just one but in two of the three images she is blonde (one time with very curly hair and the other nowhere as much) and the other image has her a slightly thinner female with long, straight, reddish-brown hair. Since the possibility of wigs exists, we will go with just one person prone to disguises.

And that is all we know at this time. It is enough.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:1992
Last Appearance:1998

1 Thunderballs Thunderballs
Published by Eros Comix
Contributors: Samuel E. Savage (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1992

Spoof of the James Bond book/movie title Thunderball having little to do with the actual item.

2 From Hell With Love From Hell With Love
Published by Eros Comix
Contributors: Samuel E. Savage (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1993

Spoof of the James Bond book/movie title From Russia With Love having little to do with the actual item.

3 You Only Cum Twice You Only Cum Twice
Published by Eros Comix
Contributors: Samuel E. Savage (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1998

Spoof of the James Bond book/movie title You Only Live Twice having little to do with the actual item.


I have little uses for spoofs. A Mad Magazine rip of something or someone is at times enjoyable but by and large I can do without them.

I also have zero interest in bondage. It looks like it hurts, at least on the giving end. And on the dishing it out end, I would, I am certain, be apologizing anytime I made a move. "Oh, did that hurt? I'm sorry!" Loses something.

So, the only reason I am including this is because I want to be as comprehensive as possible and when I learned of this series, I growled and started my limited research. Limited in interest and in willingness to pay for it.

However, if one of you have read any of the three issues and have an opinion, let me know!


My Grade: D


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