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Full Name: Gideon Davis
Nationality: American
Organization: White House
Occupation Other - Negotiator

Creator: Howard Gordon
Time Span: 2011 - 2012


Gideon Davis is an international negotiator.

If there is a hot spot in the world where tensions are extremely high and neither side is willing to talk to the other, it often takes an impartial outsider to help the opponents find some middle ground neither is happy with but both can accept. Davis is very good at that, which is why when we first meet him, is working as a Special Presidential Envoy for the White House.

It is said early on in the first recorded adventure that he was seen by his distractors as "a pie-in-the-sky slave to political correctness who thought the enemies of Western civilization could be jawboned into holding hands and singing Kumbaya". Those not so opposed to him know that he was "a straight talker with zero tolerance for bullshit" and one who "listened to people". For his many services so far, he has just been awarded the United Nations Medal of Peace.

Davis got into working with the U.S. State Department through his mentor, "Uncle" Earl Parker, not actually a relative but the close friend to Davis' father who, when his parents died while Davis was still young, made sure Davis and his older brother, Tillman, were looked after. He visited at least once a month and nurtured both young men. After college, it was Parker who brought Davis into the civil service and though the trauma of 9/11 would find the two men differing greatly in how to react, the affection was still there.

Now years later, the younger Davis, Gideon, has made a name for himself on the world stage while his brother, Tillman, has been working in deep cover. The two's worlds are about to collide and Gideon Davis, so good at diplomacy and deal-making, is about to learn what it is like in the trenches.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2012

1 Gideon's War Gideon's War
aka The Obelisk
Written by Howard Gordon
Copyright: 2011

The American agent, Tillman Davis, has gone rogue and is said to have aligned himself with terrorists in SouthEast Asia. Gideon Davis, a well known international negotiator and brother to the agent, is asked by an American government named Parker to bring the man's brother in. Davis knows from experience these things never go smoothly but even he is surprised at how bad they go.
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2 Hard Target Hard Target
aka The Chamber
Written by Howard Gordon
Copyright: 2012

A white-supremacist group is about to perform a major domestic terrorist attack in America. FBI agent Nancy Clement learns of it but her source, a meth-head, is deemed unreliable by her bosses. She turns to Gideon Davis for assistance and he in turn looks to his newly pardoned brother, Tillman, to go undercover.
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The series is about Gideon Davis and rightly so. His brother, though, deserves honorable mention because while Davis is the planner and the thinker, his brother is the doer. Makes me wonder what happens at family get-togethers.

This series is very well written and plotted. The problems are timely and believable and not a little scary and the actions needed to resolve them feel right. I enjoyed both of the adventures.

One good indicator that this was a worthwhile series was the fact that I went looking for a third, just in case I had missed it.


My Grade: B+


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