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Full Name: Nick West
Nationality: American
Organization: DHS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jim Burkett
Time Span: 2010 - 2012


Nick West is an agent with the Department of Homeland Security.

When we first meet West, he is on his way out the door. Not from getting fired though that came close and could still happen but because his boss, or at least the boss before West's recent transfer to D.C., knew a forced vacation was needed to cool the man down. West wanted a transfer to be closer to his wife, a veterinary in Atlanta. What he got was a move further away and a major jerk of an internal affairs man causing trouble to boot. When that man took a nasty tumble and then falsely blamed the two missing front teeth on West, things did not look good.

West is definitely a man of action. He thrives on it which is lucky because it finds him all the time. He is not a deep thinker though he has terrific instincts. He doesn't need to be, though, because he has a good friend in Baker, a computer expert who more than makes up for any deficit West might have. Fortunately for Baker, West is able to save Baker's backside quite often in the process. Together they make a decent partnership though there is not room for doubt that West is the senior member and not just because of age.

As the series progresses, things will change for both characters, especially with regards their employment status, but regardless of who is paying, or not paying, the bills, it seems people of the Alphabet Agencies cannot get enough of West's "delightful" wit. When it is spoken while driving his Porsche at over a hundred miles per hour as happens in one scene, it kinda loses its humor.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2012

1 Declaration of Surrender Declaration of Surrender
Written by Jim Burkett
Copyright: 2010

A document signed by several lawmakers during the days of WWII now worth billions not to mention proving treason by many has gone missing. DHS agent Nick West learns of the location and suddenly he is the one branded a traitor and on the run from those who want him dead. When his wife is kidnapped, it becomes very personal.
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2 American Sanction American Sanction
Written by Jim Burkett
Copyright: 2011

Keeping a promise to a dead man is proving an excellent way for Nick West to end up in the same condition as numerous people go after the nastiest biochemical weapon ever devised.
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3 Reprisal Reprisal
Written by Jim Burkett
Copyright: 2012

"The CIA taught them the worlds' greatest government secrets, then told them to hide, to disappear forever. Years later as those secrets begin to leak, they became hunted and executed by their own country for all of the wrong reasons. Betrayed at the highest level, one woman seeks the truth, along the way dispensing her own justice to those responsible."
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Considering the many years since the last Nick West book came out, it is likely to not be any more and that is a shame. Unlike West's superiors, I enjoyed his wit and his antics and penchant for finding and handling trouble. I really like Baker because though we are a whole lot different, we are both computer geeks and that makes me closer to him than West. West, on the other hand, is who I kinda wish I was, minus the people trying to kill him all the time.

Good, fun series that is worth the time spent visiting.


My Grade: B-


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