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Full Name: Michael Vaux
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roger Croft
Time Span: 2010 - 2023


Michael Vaux is an agent with MI-6.

As the series begins he is not an operative and would frown at you should you mention the possibility. Vaux is a reporter with a very hefty resume and a lot of stories under his belt. He is also unemployed and thinking what he will do next. Vaux would never say that he went looking for work with the Secret Intelligence Service; it just came his way. He was, though, looking for a job because the newspaper at which he work for quite a few years had laid off a fair number of the older reporters. Seniority meant experience which invariably meant higher salaries which in turn lowered profits. Juniors could demand less so got less which Vaux understood with no bitterness but then no steady paycheck other than his small pension.

Most of his career in the news game was in America and he was comfortable there. He left Britain in his early thirties after several successful years on Fleet Street. In the States he worked for a couple of different, impressive titles include Time Magazine. Add to that the fact that before all that he attended Bristol University where he studied economics and law, both topics making his writing about such subject more understandable and less clinical.

When he was let go, though, he realized that Britain, though, was home and now that he no longer had a job to hold him, he decided a trip back to the land of the Union Jack was in order, which is why he was in the position he was when life around him would change his already changing life. He is actively looking to buy a house in his old neighborhood which is where the people from MI-6 will find him when they have a need for someone with his background and, most importantly, his cover.

History is replete with operatives taking the cloak of journalism to hide their real identity. To have a true journalist with all the credibility one could hope for actually work as a spy is a different story.

Vaux, by the way, as it is pronounced, rhymes with faux or, as he mentions in the first adventure, like "veau", the French word for veal (no, me neither).


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Wayward Spy The Wayward Spy
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2010

Wanting to take early retirement from the news business, Michael Vaux's purchase of a house is interrupted by MI-6 who needs him to look into an arms deal by a Syrian munitions dealer that Vaux knew well in their youth. Vaux is not interested but that does not seem important.
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2 Operation Saladin Operation Saladin
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2013

Michael Vaux's old friend, Kadri, is arrested after the death of Hafez Assad and Syrian Intelligence wants a quiet word with Vaux. Wanting instead to return home, Vaux is not the least bit interested in helping MI-6 with its latest scheme, either, but again they do not seem to care.
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3 The Maghreb Conspiracy The Maghreb Conspiracy
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2014

A high-ranking member of al-Qaeda wants to defect. MI-6 wants to help him. The young envoy sent to ferry him home gets himself killed. Now someone with a little more experience is needed. Someone like Michael Vaux, even if Vaux is not so eager to help.
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4 Warehouse of Souls Warehouse of Souls
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2017

When the man knocking on his door that evening turns out to be an old colleague of Michael Vaux from MI-6, Vaux knows it is not likely to go well. Someone in Beirut has found the identities of dozens of MI-6 agents and assets in the Middle East and MI-6 wants Vaux to head to the dangerous city to sort it all out.
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5 The Algerian Hoax The Algerian Hoax
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2020

The bosses at MI6 have become convinced they have a traitor among their upper echelon of agents and Michael Vaux is at the top of their list. This puts their top spy-hunter on his tail looking for evidence. This then means that Vaux, as an experienced operative, is on the hunt for the person who set him up.
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6 Treachery On The Nile Treachery On The Nile
Written by Roger Croft
Copyright: 2023

On learning that a clique of officers in the Egyptian military are planning to stage a coup aboard a pleasure craft heading up the Nile, they dispatch Michael Vaux  of B3 to do whatever it takes to sabotage their plot.
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When I started the first book, I was puzzled for a tad why it was taking a while to get going AND why the author was spending so much time following the main character's desire to buy a house. Seemed a bit mundane. Then, as it moved forward, I began to wonder why on earth people were going to such trouble to put roadblocks in the way of the purchase. And then I was like "you jerks! why are you ...." and suddenly I was, well, hooked.

Solid writing. Good plotting. Reasonably good pace (except for what I just mentioned and that was really just reeling me in like a good fisherman would).

The first three books make up the author's Mideast trilogy and should be read in order to make sense. The fourth book should be read after the trilogy to keep making sense.

But the books should be read. Good series.


My Grade: B+


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