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Full Name: Peter Senden
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Kendall
Time Span: 2007 - 2017


Peter Senden is an agent with MI-5.


His day job is an ex-pat Doctor of Physics living on the Continent and far too busy to return to merry-olde England anytime soon. Situations force it, though, and with it a matter which will cause him to become involved in cloak-and-dagger work and people wanting him dead, not that he was that awfully far from it in his previous profession.

We first meet Senden when he is brought home by an urgent request stating his father was gravely ill and he was needed. The elder Senden, a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy was not found, contrary to what Senden expected, in a rest home or hospital but in a facility on a high security military base. That let the younger Senden know things were not at all normal. Things would not be normal again for Senden for a very long time.

Senden had been, before the health summons, working for the Ministry of Defense "on a freelance basis, checking advanced engineering systems data for them". He had been, according to a person reading from a dossier on him, once working for a large defense electronics contractor before being lured by the MoD. One of his jobs for his new employer was checking on the systems used by GCHQ for communications intelligence gathering. His "vigilance" had spotted an al Qaeda bio weapons attack in the brewing and helped stop it. From this all it is easy to see that while Senden might not be trained in the cloak and dagger work, he was a pretty shrewd individual.

His type of work will change. His chance of survival doing that work will go down substantially. He will remain shrewd.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2017

1 Legacy of Dragons Legacy of Dragons
aka Dangerous Cargo
Written by Michael Kendall
Copyright: 2007

The death of his father causes Dr. Peter Senden to an underwater expedition site to learn more of what his father had been doing. The deceased's connection with the British SIS is somehow involved in the death as is the search for a sunken WWII nuclear secret.
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2 Laundryman Laundryman
Written by Michael Kendall
Copyright: 2017

Now a part of a reorganized MI5, Dr. Peter Senden is haunted by the memory of a woman's murder during a seminar in Sweden. The woman had been trying to warn him about Britain's latest submarine when she was killed by the Russian SVR.
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I am naturally attracted to spy series where the protagonist is a smart tech guy, like Senden, probably because I would like to think I could do that. I mean, I am a tech guy. I just am not quite in the league with someone such as Senden. Not even close. And I don't think I would want to be once bullets start flying.

But the author makes me live that life without the danger by giving some pretty darn entertaining prose and a fellow (Senden) that I would like. He then throws in someone even nicer in Jessica Wilson, making me think for a moment I wouldn't mind dodging a bullet or two for a person like her. For a moment. Then reality sets in and I pick the book again.


My Grade: B+


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