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Full Name: Betty Thursten
Series Name: The Betty Chronicles
Nationality: American
Organization: Control
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. J. Mahler
Time Span: 2011 - 2017


Betty Thursten is an agent with Control.

The agency called Control, which apparently is also the name used for the man in charge, is an international organization again apparently established to take on the elite Cabal. The Cabal is a powerful group of the "ultra wealthy who controlled two thirds of the world's money supply" and who have desires to get their hands on that missing third and to make sure no one takes it back.

The idea that a group could amass such power and still leave their opponents with anything like a fighting chance might seem difficult to believe but Control was put together to do just that and it is fighting a constant battle to survive and possibly take a bite here and there at the nearly omniponent Cabal.

Ten years before the first recorded adventure, Thursten had finished her law degree and become an immigration lawyer. She met, fell in love with, and soon was engaged to José, a rising star in Brazilian politics who was assigned to Washington, D.C. What Thursten did not know was that her beau was being groomed by the Cabal for an even more important position inside their ranks but then two years ago he made someone very angry and was assassinated.

That is when Thursten first learned of the existence of this powerful group and upon finding out that her José was killed by them vowed to do whatever she could to make them pay. That is when she was approached by Control to become an operative with them. She readily agreed.

Thursten is described as having a black belt in jujitsu and being "specialized in the more subtle aspects of espionage". It is also said that her "good looks, fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and quick mind were all that she usually needed. Her five foot eight inch frame looked lean, but she was packing some potent muscle".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 Money Money
Written by A. J. Mahler
Copyright: 2011

Betty Thursten was outside the door when her fiancée was being killed. Now she wants a chance to get vengeance for his death but that means working for her old lover and going up against opponents the likes of which she had only heard.
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2 Power Power
Written by A. J. Mahler
Copyright: 2017

Escaping a Cabal trap via a bullet-ridden hang glider, Betty Thursten is lucky to be alive. She is, however, without her partner who could not get away. Now she knows she has to dig deeper into the history of both the Cabal and her own employer, Control, to find a way to get her partner free.
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3 Control Control
Written by A. J. Mahler
Copyright: 2017

Determined as ever to take down the Cabal for having killed her fiancée, Betty Thursten must put away the qualms as well as the desires she feels working for her ex-lover.
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A couple of times while I read this so-far three book series, I wondered who the bad guys were. Of course, I knew it was the Cabal but Betty Thursten's boss at Control seems like a bit of a jerk. Might be just me.

Thursten is not a jerk, luckily for us readers. She is a determined young woman with a mission - get even for her love's demise. Of course, we learn that her love was part of the bad guys so maybe he might have kind of deserved it but Thursten does not see it that way so ....

Her tale is most certainly is not done so I figure there may be one or two more missions she will go on in the future. I will keep an eye for her. So should the Cabal.


My Grade: B


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