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Full Name: The Disavowed
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Leadbeater
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


The Disavowed are former agents with the CIA.

This is the series name under which the recorded adventures were published. The team of three agents were actually known throughout the Agency during their fair number of years working there as the Razor's Edge. This was likely because these were the men dispatched when extra-close, delicate work was needed.

The "disavowed" comes from the fact that when a particularly harrowing mission, joined in by several different agencies each wanting a piece of the glory, went horribly wrong at the end, the word from the very top said someone or someones had to take the fall. The true facts clearly showed that the Razor's Edge team, being the closest to the unfortunate victims, were not to blame but facts have a way of disappearing when the CYA mentality sets in. The three members took the hit.

Apparently, payments under the table by the CIA to lessen the blow went with the ouster. Wanting to still be a service to their country, and frankly loving the work they had been doing, they started up their own little firm and began helping out civilians who desparately needed skilled operatives to rescue them.

The members of this elite team are:

Aaron Trent - the leader and the planner. He is a usually somber individual made even more so by an especially nasty shrew of an ex-wife whose love, if it ever was there, turned extremely hateful and who used their 8-year old son, Mike, as a weapon against Trent.

Adam Silk - the "finesser" of the team, this member is described as "Silk's jet black hair was slicked back with gel which, along with his whip-thin body and small ferrety eyes, gave the impression that the man might be a bit of a trickster - and a wily one at that." When a smooth talker was needed, Silk was usually the man.

Dan Radford - the tech wizard with the group. "Radford was the pretty boy of the team, the man with a girl in every port. His wife, Amanda, didn't mind a bit. She was a book publicist, and had a guy in every town. But somehow, they were still married." Radford might not be the best with everything electronic or digital but he was darned close and he knew those better well enough to ask for help when needed.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Razor's Edge The Razor's Edge
Written by David Leadbeater
Copyright: 2013

Suddenly disavowed, the trio known as the Razor's Edge are available to help an 8-year old boy whose mother has been abducted. Working to find her, they find themselves going up against the Polish mob.
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2 In Harm's Way In Harm's Way
Written by David Leadbeater
Copyright: 2014

Their next mission helping those who have nowhere else to turn finds the Disavowed agents going up against an international criminal organization which takes them from LA to Monte Carlo.
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3 Threat Level: Red Threat Level: Red
Written by David Leadbeater
Copyright: 2014

Some group with considerable power and anger has attacked the FBI buildings in both DC and LA and gone after CIA safe houses. They have also gone after the three Disavowed agents personally and made each one pay dearly. They also made each one very angry themselves.
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While I had a couple of issues with the first book in the series, I hung in there. The items themselves are not worth describing other than just letting you know it was not as good as I thought it could me.

The second showed me that the promise of the first was deserved and the third kept it up. So, I am glad I read 'em.

They are part of the Matt Drake universe and they even show up in one or more of that series' adventures though I have not read enough of Drake to know which ones (will edit this when I do). It is a fun universe to live in filled with really good bad guys and pretty good good guys. Lots of varies plots and enough character quirks to make the main stars likable and believable. To wit, they are so realistic that when they make the occasional mistake, I found myself chiding them. [Dude, they are fiction!]


My Grade: B+


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