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Full Name: Adam Levy and Anna Martin
Series Name: A Spy Is ...
Nationality: American, British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lisa B. Diamond
Time Span: 2011 - 2014


Anna Martin is an agent with MI-5.

Adam Levy is ... not. Exactly who Adam works for as the civilian he is does not get mentioned. He works for some commercial enterprise where he teaches "people how to use software programs" and "how to prevent anyone from hacking their files".

Apparently that job takes him out of his home office a fair amount for it was while returning from doing it that Adam happened to be in a stall in the Atlanta airport when Person A came in to use the facilities and Person B came in to kill Person A. Through the crack in the stall door, Adam was able to get a very good look at the killer before he put his feet up on the toilet and pretended he was not there. The killer leaves and a couple of minutes late, Anna Martin comes in.

As mentioned, Anna works for the British MI-5 but is stationed in America's southeast while involved with a multi-nation taskforce to stop a very nasty organization called the Radical Liberation Operation (RLO). The murdering Person B was one of the RLO operatives she was tracking but exactly which one she did not know.

Which is why after the murder she needs Adam to identify the man and that is why she has to stick to Adam like glue or, more appropriately, like a very affectionate girlfriend. This explains why Adam is thrown into all sorts of dicey situations and Anna is there to save his backside more than one. To be fair, though, Adam is not a total fish-out-of-water and why he is not a trained operative, he is not stupid and life-and-death situations can bring out hidden qualities.

Adam Levy is described as having dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, trim, "good looking next door neighbor kind of chap". He has a sister named Miriam who is unmarried with a nine-year old daughter. He has a brother Daniel is an assistant Rabbi in the Atlanta area.

Anna Martin is Scottish, one of many children in an Orthodox Jewish family, who grew up in Edinburgh but has worked hard to lose most of her accent. She is a natural red-head but often changes her hair color as a disguise. Described as very lovely and quite athletically built, Anna need to stick close to Adam does not both him in the least.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2014

1 A Spy Is As A Spy Does A Spy Is As A Spy Does
Written by Lisa B. Diamond
Copyright: 2011

Seeing a man killed in a bathroom stall at the Atlanta airport was the start of very strange day for Adam Levy. Bad because that made him a witness. Good because it introduced him to the woman out to nab the killer, Agent Anna Martin of MI-5.
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2 A Spy Revisited A Spy Revisited
Written by Lisa B. Diamond
Copyright: 2011

Anna's taking a desk job sounded like a safe activity and Adam was quite pleased about it. Then their house gets blown up and her office demolished.
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3 A Spy Who Spied Me A Spy Who Spied Me
Written by Lisa B. Diamond
Copyright: 2014

The President of the US is sick. So is the Queen of England. And the Prime Minister of Canada. Also the President of Italy. Something is obviously up and there are a whole lot of spies trying to figure it out. That number includes Adam and Anna.
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This series is a light read. It is not a comedy by any means but it is written in an airy fast-paced sort of way. The author has also written several young adult novels and this has that kind of feel but it is most definitely NOT a YA novel.

I stress that largely because Adam and Anna, after they are "forced" to be a pretend couple, start going after each other like rabbits and the author is, while not overly graphic, definitely not shy about letting the reader know who is doing what to whom. I should mention that the author has also penned several modern day romance novels and though I have not read them, I have read a couple in my day and they can and do get a bit steamy. Like I said. Rabbits.

While I got a kick out of the pair and enjoyed the books, I will state that logic and realism kinda goes 'poof' in more than one spot. I also state that I did not care.

It looked for a while like everyone in the world except for Adam was really an undercover operative. They were coming out the woodwork (almost literally in one case). Not likely, of course, but if you just go with it, why not?


My Grade: B


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