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Full Name: Clint Masters
Series Name: Masters CIA
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation CEO

Creator: Helen Hanson
Time Span: 2010 - 2015


Clint Masters is a CEO of a tech company.

CATSAT Laboratories is a highly successful company whose two founders and owners, Clint Masters and Todd Westerfield, became billionaires thanks to their genius and, of course, the IPO when they took their brainchild public. The brilliance behind the idea that made CATSAT was that GPS systems are constantly operational with tremendouse bandwidth capability that was going unused. CATSAT used that availability to piggyback transmission on top of it. What was doable with that is what made the company so useful to companies around the globe. And to law enforcement. So Masters and Westerfield, or Clint and Todd, became rich and famous and well respected.

Masters also became burned out. Too much work. Too much stress. Too much heartache when his wife, his childhood sweetheart, started playing around. Masters quit. He walked away. Bought a boat he barely knew how to sail. Left it all behind.

And that is what started the road to a whole lot of trouble. With Masters no longer at the helm of his company, it went in very bad directions and the technology that he largely created became a weapon in the hands of people not very trustworthy. And that was just the beginning.

Masters is not a trained agent and has no desire to be. He probably would have not even acknowledged the trouble facing him if his new girl friend had not been kidnapped and he got forced into taking action. But eventually even the most determined of drop-outs has to drop back in - if he lives long enough.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2015

1 3 Lies 3 Lies
Written by Helen Hanson
Copyright: 2010

When Clint Masters met Beth he was certain he had found a love for a lifetime. When she is kidnapped, he knows he has to risk everything to find her. His hunt attracts the attention of the CIA and their specialty spy trackers.
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2 The Masters' Key The Masters' Key
Written by Helen Hanson
Copyright: 2015

A very deadly and just as mysterious danger is threatening Clint Masters' company as well as the citizens of Boston. With the entire city in a panic, Masters is determined to bring the trouble to an end.
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3 Dead Storm Dead Storm
Written by Helen Hanson
Copyright: 2015

The struggles and defeats that Clint Masters has faced have knocked him down so low that even a call for help by the President cannot stir him. However, leaving him alone in his misery will not save the thousands of lives that need saving so he gets pulled in whether he wants to help or not.
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I enjoyed this series a lot even though the main character, Clint Masters, made me furious on more than one occassion. He is a very smart man who shows over and over how brilliant he is but his emotional roller-coaster can very much tire anyone one. Now, mind you, he has lots of good reason for the turmoil but his reaction at times was less than stellar and it got old. Luckily, the author did not let it stay that way for long so thanks to her for that.

And thanks to her for very enjoyable adventures. The really cool way she handled the series made the story come to a very satisfying end that she can continue without a problem should she wish or let stand where it is. I like that in any series.


My Grade: B+


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