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Full Name: James Flynn
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Jack Patterson
Time Span: 2014 - 2024


James Flynn is an investigative reporter.

Much in demand for his impressive abilities to ferret out information that others might miss and for his dogged determination to not let the threats and warnings that come aplenty sway him. Having worked for many years in a far more dangerous career than this, he is not easily intimidated.

Prior to his present day gig as an ace contributor to The International magazine, Flynn was an agent with the CIA starting right after the Towers fell. After training he was assigned to the war zone of Iraq and it was there that he came up against numerous dangers that almost ended his life. Still with skill and luck he survived and frequently won.

Then he learned of a particularly disgusting activity by a Marine that screamed injustice. Flynn had no choice but to listen to his conscience and report it. And nothing changed. And he pushed harder and still nothing. Then he took the truth to a reporter friend and his life in the Agency was abruptly ended. With extreme reputational prejudice.

But Flynn was not a man to skulk away. Using his talents and his tenacity, he found another career and it is in this new line of work that Flynn finds success and comfort. He did not find peace and security, though. Danger liked following him. This is a good thing for someone who really does relish the excitement and the danger but not always a good thing for those around him.

One very interesting aspect to the recorded adventures of Flynn (at least as of the four as of this writing) is that each assignment finds the reporter digging into the not-so-distant past but ending up with a scoop, not to mention more than a couple bullets flying past him, from troubles happening right now.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Warren Omissions The Warren Omissions
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2014

The finding of a document regarding the Kennedy assassination puts James Flynn on the trail of the greatest conspiracy of the 20th century. It also puts him in the cross-hairs of those involved in the planned killing of the current President.
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2 Imminent Threat Imminent Threat
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2015

Working on the story that a facility in Idaho houses Area 51 artifacts, James Flynn is in the wrong place when a terrorist attack takes place and that is just the beginning of a wild adventure where the hunter becomes the hunted.
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3 The Cooper Affair The Cooper Affair
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2015

When a criminal leaps from a commercial jet over Washington state, the similarities to the infamous D. B. Cooper case shout out and James Flynn heads there to investigate
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4 Seeds of War Seeds of War
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

The assignment that James Flynn is on takes him to the Arctic. It also puts him into a chase across the frozen ice to stop a plat that could cause incredible damage to the entire planet.
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5 Polar Vortex Polar Vortex
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2024

"When former CIA operative and investigative journalist James Flynn gets asked to take a look into a secret government facility in Alaska, he begins his initial inquiry by meeting with a secret group of conspiracy theorists unironically known as Ultra. Along with some pressure from his editor and a wealthy benefactor, Flynn gets persuaded to travel to Alaska and investigate the wild claims and expose the clandestine program."
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Good writing, good plotting, good characters all join to make a good series. The main character, Flynn, has paid the price for his conscience but has no regrets over his decisions. His experiences, though, help him survive each very nasty activity he gets mixed up in and he gets into a fair number of them.

I got a kick out of myself when I came upon a reference in one of the books to a Twitter account belonging to Flynn. Now, I am not a tweeter - I have never checked it out - but I could not resist the impulse to click on the link. It took me to an empty page but should the author have decided to put something there, I'd have read it. I am so easily phished.


My Grade: B+


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