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Full Name: Nick Wood
Nationality: American
Organization: SEALs
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brian Jorgensen
Time Span: 2012 - 2013


Nick Wood is a U.S. Navy SEAL.

At least he is in the first recorded adventure and as they say about any tough military organization, once you make it in, you are always in, one way or another. That is definitely the case with Wood.

As we learn at the very beginning of that adventure, Wood has been a SEAL for some time, long enough to have earned the rank of Captain. It is in that skirmish, though, we learn how he came to decide he was done with it. A particularly harrowing mission almost resulted in his killing a couple of innocent children. While no one was actually harmed, he knew the desire to be in such a situation again was gone.

Luckily for him, though life and duty forced him to stick around in the Service for a tad longer, his mission would require him to go undercover to Ecuador as a member of the Peace Corps (rather appropriate for his new outlook) and it would be there he met Gabriella, a young woman who would become his life companion. And that is when his occupation would change as well.

For the next couple of adventures, Nick Wood is in the funeral business! Now, there are a huge number of members of the cloak-and-dagger world who could be said to work in the death industry but Wood is the first I have encountered who is there after the action is over. It becomes his new job in life to be there to assist in people's time of grief.

The job segue comes to Wood via an influential Senator who knows of Wood's record as well as his recently acquired interest in the mortuary business and owns as apparently one of his operations a funeral home in need of someone to run it. To a man like Wood who was wanting to settle down, it was a timely offer.

That does not mean, though, that the world of danger leaves him alone. It calls on more than one instance, much to the dismay of both Wood and Gabby.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013

1 SEALed by Night SEALed by Night
Written by Brian Jorgensen
Copyright: 2012

Nick Wood is tormented by something that almost happened and wants out of his current life but his boss needs him for a bit longer. Worse, someone is stalking him and trying to end that life for good.
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2 Silver Swords of Gold Silver Swords of Gold
Written by Brian Jorgensen
Copyright: 2012

Having left the military, Nick Wood hopes for a bit of peace but finding clues pointing to a conspiracy inside the government that screams of population cleansing means Wood will not find that peace any time soon.
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3 The Puppeteer's Oath The Puppeteer's Oath
Written by Brian Jorgensen
Copyright: 2013

The people Nick Wood has challenged do not take kindly to his interference and come after him. Wood's wife, Gabriela, is pulled into the fray as a target which only makes Wood even more determined.
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The writing is good and solid. I say that up front because it is important to remember as I say a couple of less than flattering comments. The writing shows the skill of someone who knows how to present a story and does so consistently.

Now the bad. The character's argent desire to not be the taker of life is laudable except perhaps in a series of life-and-death adventures. Kinda at odds with the genre.

And Gabriella is a lovely woman who wants her man to stay home and not put his life in danger constantly. Again a good attitude to have except when purpose of the books are to, well, put the life of the hero in danger constantly.

Then there are the bad guys who are really bad but, in the case of a couple of them, really bad at being bad. I mean, kinda inept.

But that is enough dissing.

The writing really is good and the character presentation is admirable. End on a positive note.


My Grade: B


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